Chapter 23

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(Leighanna's POV)

"See you soon!" I shouted. "I'll try bring some medical equipment back!" Alfie replied back to me. I sat down in front of the food and kept my eye on the door. Bang! I herd a bang behind the food pile. Maybe that was just some food falling.

(The man dressed in black's POV)

I lifted up a chair, this was my chance there was only one of them on there own. Bang! I smashed the chair around her head and tied her up to the wooden beam in the middle of the room.

(Alfie's POV)

We reached the hospital. It had a big red cross above it and it said hospital underneath it, so we were 100 percent sure that it was a hospital. I opened the door and quickly scanned the area. There were no zombies inside. "Come on lets get to the cupboard over there!" I said. Everybody followed me as we quietly walked over to the cupboard. Smash! Sinead tripped on something. "I can hear footsteps, get the cupboard and run Sinead get up quick!" I said panicking. "I can't it really hurts!" Sinead screamed. she showed me her leg. There was scissors dug into her leg, right below the knee. "Francesca come here!" I shouted as the zombies barged through the doors. We lifted her up and made a run for it. "Make sure I don't suffer! Pl.. Plea...Please!" Sinead fainted. I didn't know whether she was going to live or not. Francesca had her in her arms as I ran to the door and put a plank that I ripped off fro the fence between the door handles so that the zombies couldn't get us. "I am a trained nurse!" Megan told us. "With the things in here I could amputate her leg. Its our last option!"

After about two hours of waiting for Sinead to wake up from her surgery, she finally awoke with one leg "What... where is my leg ?" Sinead asked. "You were going to die it was the only thing I could do. I saved your live." Megan replied. Sinead burst out into tears. "Guys with have to get back. that door isn't going to hold for long." I said. I got into a car that was on the road and tried to start it. I was lucky. we started to drive back.

we got home to see Leighanna was tied up to a beam. "Leighanna? wake up! what happened?" I asked. Bang! we all got hit in the head by something.

I woke up next to the others tied to that pole. "Guys its that guy I saw before! I told you I wasn't lying! What the hell is he doing?" Francesca asked. "Were going to die!" Megan screamed.

The man pulled down his hood and slowly took the mask off. "Hello friends, remember me?!" It was Harry...

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