MGIAGF: You're Mine

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Chapter 8

His eyes soon then closed as he fell to the floor unconsciously with a loud 'thud'. She went nearer to him as her golden tail vanished.

"You were alive because of my bead. Now, you're going to die." She stated looking at him, who's now groaning in pain.

Since the bead was not in his body no more, he now feels the pain he felt when he fell on the mountainside.

"You abandoned me, so, I don't know you either." She said as she looked at him still enduring the pain as black aura started to surround his body. Those black aura was death.

She turned around as she slowly walked away. When she remembered about the boar incident.

Well, he did come back for her. And that stopped her from her tracks.

While on the other hand, Jack was suffering because of his pain. His back injuries started to pain too.

Those black aura suddenly vanished as a golden aura replaces it. Yep, she came back.

She kneeled down just above his head as she looked at him. "You came back once. So I'll come back once too." She said, and with that, she slowly leaned in until their lips touched as she gave back her magical golden bead to him.


The next morning, Jack's eyes opened as he groaned. It was already 5pm when he woke up. He can't remember anything. He slowly sat up when he saw her, sitting just inches apart from him, staring intently at him.

Then he remembered what happened yesternight. Moon, golden tail and the next thing he knew was darkness and pain. His eyes widened as he screamed. The hell?! What the heck does this golden fox doing here?!

He hastily got up as he ran towards a gym equipment and hid there. What do he do now? What if she eats him? She's a golden fox for heaven's sake and he broke his promise!

On the other hand, the golden fox shook her head. Sighs. When will he learn that he can't and will never escape her?

"Do you really think that you can hide from me? I'm a golden fox and you can't escape from me." She said that scared him even more. What? He won't escape from her? Ever?

"Shit! Jack what to do?" He whispered. One thing's for sure - he needs to get out from here. He quickly stood up and ran towards the door.

Since she's a golden fox, she ran faster than him as she pin him down. And yeah, she was on top of him.

His eyes widened as she smiled sweetly at him. How did she run that fast?! She quickly pulled away as she sat down in front of him as he sat up.

"How... how did you run that fast?!" He exclaimed at her. She smiled. "Because I'm a golden fox, did you forget it?" She asked as she leaned closer to him while he tried to keep their distance far.

Oh please. Someone help him escape from this liver-eating creature! "Yes, you... you're a golden fox... does that mean that you're gonna... eat me?" He asked, sweats trickled down his forehead.

She smirked as she leaned closer to him, holding his chest while he just stayed there, it's like he's a frozen statue. Oh no. What to do?

"Do you really want me to eat you?" She asked, and for some reason he didn't know why it sounded seductive to him. He gulped as he looked at her.

"Yea.. yes you can eat me. But remember this, if there are golden foxes in this world, there are also ghosts too! And if you'll eat me, I'll haunt you as a ghost!" He said to her, trying so hard to sound intimidating.

She pulled away as she sat down in front of him. "I was just going to spare you.. but--"

"Please, spare me!" He blurted out as he got down on his knees. "Please." He pleaded.


Hiccup stared at the list of the students who came to the temple two days ago. There were a total of 47 students. He asked the monk from what school did they came from and then he searched for it. Man, he never thought that this would be a lot harder than he thought.

He sighed. He decided to call the teacher of the class.


"Hello?" The man on the other line said.

"Hello? Is this Mr. Aster?" Hiccup asked with a smirk.


Jack and our golden fox were at the rooftop of his school. It's already night. He bought her some chicken. He couldn't buy some beef because of his budget so he just bought chicken. He hopes that it'll ease her hunger.

He watched her devour the chicken. He winced every time she breaks the bone of the chicken. He could only imagine what would happen to him if she'll eat him. That thought gives him the chills.

Maybe if he'll always feed her, she won't eat him right? But that's a big problem because of his budget right now.

He sighed. "I'm sorry because I didn't buy you some beef. My money is not that enough to buy some beef. I hope you understand." He apologized. Man, if she wasn't a freaking golden fox, he'll shove her away.

She just nodded as she continued to eat. He gulped. "I want to thank you for giving me your bead. But you said that you need to stay by my side until you get back that precious bead of yours that's inside me, right?"

She nodded again as she continued to gobble up the chicken.

He gulped again. Seriously, seeing her gobbling the chicken makes him nervous. Thinking that she could do it to him anytime if she gets hungry for his liver. "Then.. why don't you stay where you were and then I'll just come back to return it to you when I'm fully healed." He suggested.

She looked at him with a 'really' look. Uh oh. "Oh yes, right. That won't work. I'm sorry. I'm terribly sorry." He apologized immediately. She nodded as she shifted her attention to the chicken meat again.

He sighed. "But, I don't have anywhere to go. My uncle's angry at me and I'm running out of money. And it'll be hard to attend your needs and--"

He was cut off when she broke the bones of the chicken. His eyes somehow widened. "But.. I have to do my best, of course." He quickly said.

She suddenly calls him out. "Jack Frost!"

He looked at her. "Yes?"

"While my bead is in your body, I can't let you go." She said, shaking her head.

"You're mine!" She stated happily.

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