Chapter 16

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The faster Christmas comes the faster my birthday comes! I'm over excited at this point, I'm freaking out. I have nothing planned, I don't even know what I want for my birthday. This really sucks, but hey whatever, at least I know my mom is going to be at Christmas this year!

DECEMBER 19, 2013

The usually Happy Birthday stuff went on all day. I wore a crown to school and got a bunch of presents!

no call from my mom.


Christmas morning! The snow on the ground blanketing the muddy earth from the past snowfalls. We're driving to my Aunt's house to have Christmas with my grandparents, mom <and her boyfriend>, and my aunts and older brother. i hate driving in the scares me! The closer we get the more excited i get to see my mom, and her new boyfriend. I dont know what to expect but i'm hoping she's doing better and i really hope her new boyfriend is nice.

When we pull into the driveway i feel my heart start to beat out of my chest. this is crazy! What am i doing here? I cant believe im gonna spend christmas with my mom, even if its only for a few hours! My dad stops the car and tells us he'll be back to pick us up in 2 hours and we better be ready to go when he gets here. I slowly approach the front door wondering if i should knock or just walk in but when i go to turn the knob it doesnt move...guess im knocking!

"YAA! They're here!" My nanny screams inside the house to everyone who probably doesnt care that much. I hear her walk down the stairs and unlock the door and brace myself for squeezing...and of course im right, as soon as she opened the door i was swallowed by my Nanny's warm hugs. We said all the hellos and went upstairs to get some food.

"How's 8th grade? What have you been up to? Are you playing any sports? Do you have a boyfriend? What have you gotten from your dad for christmas?" Millions of questions floating in the room waiting for a response and i cant remember what my answer was when another one hits me. Eventually everyone gets an answer to their question and we all start eating, and i drift off into my own thoughts because im not needed in any conversation right now.

I start to remember what's so special about this christmas when nico says "Claire." MY MOM IS HERE! I've gone an hour already without saying hi to my mom, which is weird because now that i think about it she should have been the first person to hug me. I look around the room and there's no sign of her so i walk over to my Aunt Sharon and discretely ask in case she's been here i just haven't paid attention, "Where's Mom?"

"Oh...she's around here somewhere. They're staying here." She says and looks around the kitchen and dining room.

"They?" I ask, " Her and... Charles?"

"yeah...they had nowhere else to go for christmas so they're staying here for a couple more days then going back to Maryland. Check the bathroom or Nicholas' old room, that's where they're staying." She informs me and goes back to probably burning something my Nanny asked her to look after on the stove.

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