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Jaden pov

This Party was one of the best I ever been on.

I kissed Yn 3 times..
And I weren't drunk!!!!

I really hope, we can get back again.


I am gonna get her back.
Like to be my girlfriend.

She's the one I need.
The only one.

Even if she's gonna hate me,  I'm giving my best.

I am dumb for believing Amilia and accepting the bet..

But if I wouldn't accept the bet, maybe I wouldn't fall in love with her...

God, I wish I went back in time again to change my mistake.

Yn pov


Me and Jaden kissed.

Three times, to be specific.

Did I like it?

Of course I did, I mean it's Jaden Walton after all..

My 'best friend'..

Do I wanna be more than friends?

Who wouldn't?

..especially if your still in love with him..

Next morning

I woke up, to see..


why was he laying next to me?!
And Where The Fuck Is Jayla?!

I was watching him..
Wow, well that's creepy.

"Morning" Jaden whispered still with his eyes closed.
"Morning... wait what?!"

He was awake?!

"What's wrong?" He asked worried.
"Not to sound mean, but why are you here?"
"Jayla told me to sleep next to you, she said you'll feel safer. Idk why." Jaden explained sitting on the bed now.
"I'm gonna kill her." I whispered under my breath, also sitting up.
"Hm?" He hummed.
"Nothing" I smiled.

He hold eye contact.

Jaden pov

I hold eye contact.

Should I kiss her?

Would it be okay for her?

Would I embarrass myself?

Let's give it a ...

Yn pov

He was staring at me..

Seems like he was thinking about something.

I could hold it anymore....

He started to get closer to me.

Fuck it.

I kissed him.


He seemed surprised but then kissed back.

(Not sexualizing!!!)

He grabbed my waist with one hand, the other gently on my cheek.

His touch gave a tausend of butterflies..

I let my hands play with his hair.

He then pushed me closer to him.
We're just kissed, nothing more..
We're 15 after all.

We then pulled away.

Again we hold eye contact.

"I-" I was interrupted by Jaden kissing me again.
It was more a peck tho.

After 3 seconds he pulled away again.

"It's fine" he whispered, a little bit out of breath.
"It is?"

God, why do I need ti make it awkward?

"Yep, I wanted to do it anyways." He said proudly.
"Oh, you did?" I asked playfully.
"I did."
"Hah! I was thinking faster than you!!" I said proudly.


"I can't do this anymore.." Jaden broke the silence.
"Do what?" 
"Pretend we're just friends. I mean, yeah. Sometimes we act like we are. But mostly like-.."
"..like we're more than that.. yeah. I know" I interrupted him.
"So.. what do you want to do?" I asked.
"I want to be with you.. Yn you make me happy.. after Ava I haven't been happy for a long time. You. You're the one that puts a smile on my face.." he whispered softly, loud enough for me to hear tho.
"I love you Yn." Jaden said as he grabbed my hand.
"I- love you too" I whispered.

His smile grew wider then before.

I always loved him
I always have, I never stopped.
And I knew.
I think I knew.



I'm sorry for not updating for some time,
School has been stressing me out.

I promise I'll make it up to y'all.
Today is coming another chapter and this weekend is coming more chapters.

Hope y'all aren't mad💕

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