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Yn pov

We got ready for the party. It wasn't far away so we just walked to the house.
Just about 10 minutes.

As we alles in you could smell the alcohol.
I grabbed jadens hand, then looked at him.
He also looked at me so we hold eye contact.

People were making out at already drunk, guess it started a long time ago.

"Promise, we are not going away from each other.." I whispered to Jaden.
"I promise."

We'll see if I can trust him.
If I can, maybe.. just maybe we could work out again.. as a couple..

"I'm sure there is fining to be a truth and dare game here!" Jayla laughed.
"Isn't this obvious?" Javon asked.
"Yeah." I said.

We split up.. except me and Jaden.. till now we stayed together.
We drank some shots and danced.
People were trying to kiss him but he just pushed them away. Same story absolut me, plus they've been trying to touch.


As Jayla said.. about one hours after lots of people builder a circle and played truth or dare.. after this they wanted to play spin the bottle.

"We are gonna play truth or dare so we probably don't know all names, so we are just gonna point on the person." A boy with a french accent explained.

He started the game by pointing on a girl.
"You, truth or dare?"
"Truth." She answered.
"Who of these  people here would you date?"

She looked around.
Then she spotted Jaden..
Anger was building inside of me.

As I thought.. she walked over to Jaden.

"Him." She pontes to him.

Then she looked at me with a bitch face.
And winked at Jaden, as she went back to her place.

It was her turn to pick someone.

"You." She pointed to Jaden..wasn't it  obvious?
"Truth or dare?"

"Kiss the most attractive person on this room." She had a smile on her face.

Jaden looked around..
I was trying to follow his eyes.. being honest, he looked at really pretty girls..
I followed his eyes till I was met with them.
He was staring right into my eyes.

He then nodded his head lightly..
Asking for permission.
I nodded back.

He then slowly pressed his soft lips on mine. It was a kiss full of passion.
It wasn't really long, but long enough to enjoy.

I noticed how Jaden smiled into the kiss.
After about 5 seconds we broke the kiss.

That's when I really noticed it..
I missed him a lot.
And I really want to get back with him.

This kiss got me full of butterflies.
It took me away from all the problems and every single thing that was on my mind.

We smiled at each other and then it was his turn to ask someone.

He looked around.

"You" he pointed to a boy.
"Truth or dare?"
"Tell is the most embarrassing story that ever happened to you."

The game went on. Everyone had their turn.
So we moved and played spin the bottle.

The first round it was Javon with some random girl.

Then A boy with a girl, we didn't know.

Some more in between.

Soon it was Jaylas turn, the bottle landed on me.

So she walked over to me.

"You okay with it?"
She asked.
"Yeah, it's just a game." I said.
"Okay then.."

She kissed me.
It was a innocent kiss, more a peck.

I think the next morning we both wouldn't even remember this 'kiss' because both if us are drunk.

She went back to her place.

It was a girls turn, she was sitting next to Jayla. She had spun the bottle.
It landed on Jaden..
Then I remembered, it was the same girl which did the dare for him.

She again had her ugly smirk on.
Jaden on the other side wasn't happy about it..
He looked disgusted.

I couldn't hold my laugher anymore, so I chuckled at his face expression.

"What?" She asked me.
"Your face."I giggled.
"Oh, please just rescue me..."

To late.. she grabbed his face and kissed him. He wanted it to be a peck I guess, because he tried to pull away, somehow he got away from her.

One thing I was happy about was,
He DIDNT kiss back.

We played some more rounds..
One Stange thing is when Jaden has spun the bottle he got me..

So we kissed, again.. this kiss was a real one. Not like with this girl.

And then, as I had spun the bottle.. I also got Jaden..

So tonight we kissed 3 times in a 'game'.. and there were about 30 people in this 'game'.

So why exactly us two?

( Soulmates:•) )

It was getting late and we were tired, so we left the party.
One good thing.. we haven't met Amilia there..



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