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Yn pov

-We met Amilia...


And I thought this vacation is going to be good.
Well.. almost right...

The whole time I was hoping she wouldn't notice us, and someone of us wouldn't no rice us.

Ofc I happened.
She saw us.
Now, she was walking towards us.

"Hiii!!" She screamed a little.

I forgot, after she stopped talking to me also known as when I beated her ass, we turned into a pick me girl.

"Hey?" Jayla said.
"Hello?" The Rest if us said.
"Do y'all want to hang out sometimes? I mean I just saw y'all here and I decided to ask y'all." She said.
"You serious?!" Javon asked with an attitude.
"Javon!" Jessica warned him.
"What?! She was the reason why Jaden and Yn broke up after one fucking day dating!!" Javon snapped.

Actually it was a bet, but I found it out cause if her. So basically he was right.

"Really?!" DJ a looked at me and Jaden.

We nod our heads.

"If you change your minds, there is a party today, and everyone is welcomed." Amilia said.
"Okay?" Jayla said.

She walked away after this.
What does she want from us?
Let me guess ,now she wants to date Javon!

"Bruh, I hate her!" Javon said.
"Agreed!" Me and Jaden said in sync.

We then ate our food and went back home.
Today the plan was to sunbath and swimming at tree beach.

The weather is good so I changed into my bikini and again a shirt. This time the shirt was from Jaden.

"Have you seen my- Yn!!" Jaden came into mine and Jaylas room.
"What?!" I asked.
"You are wearing my shirt!!"
"I know."
"I wanted to war it today."
"To late I guess."
"Never mind, you look good in it."
"She does, and now put a shirt on and let's go!" Jayla joined.
"Thanks!" I said.
"Okay, relax. I'm ready." Jaden said.

We headed to the beach, and went for a little swim at first.
Me and Dealo played with the ball we brought.
After me and Jayla sunbathed.

You can say, today was a more relaxing day.
But the party was till up to.

"Are we going to the party?" I asked
"We could, I mean we brought our dresses with us, so why not." Jayla said.
"I'm down" Javon said.
"Goes by me." Jaden said.
"So we're going?" I asked again to be sure.
"Yeah." Jayla said.
"CAN I JOIN?!" Daelo screamed.
"Your too young for a party." Javon said.
"Ohh.." Daelo sighed.
"I promise, I'm gonna do everything with you tomorrow. Okay?" I asked.
"YAYY!!" Daelo laughed.

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