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Dedicated to my bestie @Ticklerandomness :)

Angels rest in Heaven,

demons live in Hell.

Dean was the good guy,

but in Hell he fell.

Demons tortured him,

ripped him to pieces,

Dean begged for mercy,

but demons are bitches.

He was dead for 4 months,

but it seemed like 40 years

he was suffering...he wanted to scream,

but all that came out were his tears.

At the end of each day,

Alastair would say,

”Dean, you can get off the hook”

but something in return he took,

He wanted Dean's goodness,

wanted Dean to join his group.

For 30 years he refused,

but at last he joined the demon troop.

Dean tortured souls mercilessly,

he broke the first seal

But he deserved a second chance,

so God broke his deal.

Dean was pulled out of hell,

and he fell on earth

with a mission to stop the apocalypse,

and save the whole world.


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