Chapter 22

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(Francesca's POV)

As I followed the blood through the dark forest, it suddenly stopped. I looked around to see if they were anywhere. they wasn't I started to worry as I was on my own in the middle of a forest. "Grr!" I heard a zombie. I got my gun out and held it in front of me. I started to turn slowly so I can see if it came behind me. suddenly my thought that it could be just one of them changed, there were five of them and I only had one bullet remaining. Bang! I shot the first one in the head. "Help!" I screamed. "Francesca! over here!" I heard. It was Alfie. finally! I ran towards him and other people. I couldn't see them
Since I was so dizzy from the dehydration of not having a drink for a while. Alfie got his sword out and sliced the raining 4 zombie's heads off. "Thank you so much... wait what? Leighanna? Megan? Sinead? Why are all you guys here? And who the hell is that?" I asked. "Who the hell is who?" Alfie asked me. "that guy in the black suit with the clown mask." I replied. I rubbed my eyes. everyone turned there heads and he was gone. "its probably just my imagination." I exclaimed.

(Alfie's POV)

I found it strange how Francesca describes a man in all black with a clown mask on, but I understand that she hasn't slept for a long time.

"I saw a barn back where we just came from, maybe we can stay there for the night." I said. "guys I have the lorry filled with food parked around the corner, can we get the food first?" Francesca said. "okay, Megan Francesca and leighanna go and get the food, me and Sinead will go and check the barn to see if its safe," I said.

We head off to do our jobs and we got to the barn Sinead went in first with the gun, I followed with the sword. we checked everywhere and it was all fine. after we got settled in Francesca and the others arrived with the truck full of food and weapons. We had something to eat and reloaded and sharpened our weapons. "guys can you see that?" Francesca asked. "what?" I asked back. "look a can see a hospital!" she replied. I decided that we should all go and check it out. "what about the food?" Leighanna asked. "Alright you stay with it." I replied. I gave her my gun and we walked off to the hospital.

(The man dressed in black's POV)

"Hahaha, fools"

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