Episode 5: Satoshi Rivaled?! Satoshi Vs. Baku!!

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~5 Years Ago~

(Me and Axel would be in line to get autographs from Lui Shirosagijo after a Special Match, I'd be in front of Axel but Axel would just push me out of the way and run up to Lui)

Young Me: H-Hey Axel! That isn't very nice!

Young Axel: Shut up, you're such a baby! Lui, let's have a battle, c'mon!! 

Lui: *Laughs* Another little runt, huh?! Fine, I'll sign your Autograph but I don't waste my precious time battling weaklings!! Maybe when you're older and a bit smaller I'll be able to waste a few seconds and crush you!! 

(Lui would snatch a card of himself out of Axel's hand and sign it with a Sinister Grin, Axel would walk away with a bright red angry face, Axel would be about to walk off but stops in his spot)

Young Me: Hey!! Axel's really strong and really cool!! You don't get to talk to him like that, ya hear me?!

Lui: Oh? You've got a little spark in you! Whatever you say, kid!! *Laughs* 

(Lui throws the card back at my face covering my eyesight while Axel would cover his head with his hood and storm off angrily)

Young Axel (Thoughts): If he thinks I owe him a Thank You, he's an idiot.  I'm way better than him, I don't owe him anything!!


(Axel would be staring at his Card signed by Lui while his room would completely be cleaned out and the only remains would be his made bed with some suitcases sitting next to him)

Axel: I guess I was wrong, back then... He beat me almost with ease. Am I... Really ready to be a part of the Raging Bulls?

(Axel would hear a Knock on his door and open the door seeing me waiting for him holding up my hand)

Me: Yo.

Axel: Bakusushi, what the heck are you doing here?!

Me: Calm down! I-It's just that it's your last day in Japan and tonight you're moving to America with your Uncle and I was just curious if you wanted to help me train for my match with Baku.

Axel: Why would I waste my time helping you?

Me: C'mon. You're leaving for the Raging Bulls tonight! Unless you're scared of losing to me.

Axel: What did you say to me Bakusushi?!

Me: You heard me. C'mon, let's practice! 

~At the Park~

Axel/Me: Go, Shoot!! 

(I pull off a Powerful AU Shoot while Axel would pull off a Powerful Dynamite Shoot, Both of our Beys speed around the stadium and Axel's Guilty Bahamut starts closing in behind Sciron)

Axel: End it all with One Hit! 

Me: Go! Advent Shoot! 

(Sciron  scraps hard on the Rubber on its Driver and accelerates out of the way and launches Slow Strikes on Guilty Bahamut knocking it around slightly annoying Axel)

Axel: C'mon is that seriously the best you've got?! You've got to be way faster and stronger than that!! 

Me: Tch... C'mon, Sciron! Bring on the heat! 

(Sciron keeps tilting on its driver giving itself more and more speed to knock around Guilty Bahamut eventually knocking it around with ease with Powerful Blows, Guilty Bahamut eventually pushes forward and sends Sciron flying through the air) 

Axel: How was that? Keep up the onslaught!! 

Me: *Grins* It's not over just yet! 

(Guilty Bahamut races around the stadium and almost hits Sciron but Sciron tilts on its driver accelerating out of the way leaving a trail of smoke and catches onto the stadium rim) 

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