Me & Hunter Walked Down The Street Goofing Around. Man i Love Hanging Out With Hunter. He's Awesome! We've Known Each Other Since Age 4! Our Parents Are Friends & We Were Alwats Together. So We Became BestFriends. I Smiled At The Memory & Laughed Slightly.

'What?' Hunter Asked While Smiling.

'Just Remembering Our 'Moments'! ' I Laughed.

'Aha, Yeah. Good Times!' Hunter Smiled.

'Yeah, Remember Ths Time I Glued Your Fingers Together? You Were So Pisssed!' I Laughed.

'Ooh Shut It! Remember When We -Memories- ' Hunter Laughed.

i Just Smiled. We Kept On Saying All Our Memories. It Was Fun. I Stopped Laughing As Tears Weld Up In My Eyes. I Couldn't Belueve It. After 1 Yr. & 6 months. I Walked Up Yo Adam & Started Singing.

'I Knew You Were Trouble When You Walked In, So Shame On Me Know.Blew Me To Places I've Neved Been, Till You Put Me Down.'

he Turned Around, Saw Me & Gulped.

'Ansd Now You'll Be Lying On The Cold Hard Gund!' I Punched. Right On The Nose.

'What The Hell?! Who Afe You?!' The Girl Next To him Yelled.

'Just Punching My Backstabbing, Cheating Boyfriend! OR SHOULD I SAY EX BOYFRIEND?!?!' I Yelled, I Was Mad. Not Sad. MAD.

'Excuse Me?' The Girl Said. I Could See Regret & Sadness Written All Over Her Face.

'Yeah. He Was My Boyfriend. But We're Over Now., Sorry Sweety. You Seem Nivce & All, You Deserve Way Better Than Him.' I Said With A Smile.

'Woah! WHAT?! You Can't Break Up With Me Dyl,! You. I Love You. Okay, I Was Stupid. Please. I Want You & Only You' He Said While Holding His Nose Probably to Stop It From Bleeding. I Don't Give A Fck

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