Chapter 1 - Moving Trucks

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January 6, 2012

*BEEP* *BEEP* *BEEP* I heard the sound of moving trucks again. This was the third time this summer.

"MUM!! WHY DO PEOPLE KEEP MOVING IN!! UGH! THE TRUCKS ARE SO ANNOYING!" I heard my fifteen-year-old twin sister, Sadie yell to our mum. Yes, we are identical twins, born on November 1, 1996.

"I DONT KNOW, SADIE, BUT TELL SKYLAR THAT YOU GUYS NEED TO COME DOWN FOR SUPPER" Mum yelled back, and since I heard her tell my name, I began out of my room and down the stairs.

"Hello Skylar," mum greeted me as she saw me coming into the dining room.

"Hey mum," I greeted.

"You know how everyone is moving in around here?" She asked me as Sadie came up behind me.

"Yeah?" I answered, not sure of what she was going to say.

"Well I've met some of the new neighbors, and they all have a boy around you guys' age.. Maybe you could make some friends?" She smiled, wanting us to meet our new neighbors.

"Yeah, we'll go out after supper, alright?" I looked at Sadie, and she nodded.

We sat down to eat, and I no sooner got mashed potatoes on my plate when a football came flying towards the window, breaking the glass, then hitting my face and falling into my mashed potatoes.

I grabbed my nose because it felt like it was broken. Suddenly, I heard a knock on the door. I ran over and opened it to see a cute, shirtless dark-haired boy standing there, looking at me.

"Um, I think my football came in here.." He told me, brushing his hair out of his face.

"Yeah, it did," I said, "come in." Right as I said that, a boy with floppy blonde hair came running behind him.

They both came inside, walking behind me to the dining room. The dark-haired one saw it in the mashed potatoes and laughed. I looked at him, but he was still laughing, and he had the blonde one laughing too.

I grabbed it out of the mashed potatoes and handed it to the dark-haired one. He walked into the kitchen with his friend, and I followed them, not knowing what they were doing. The dark-haired boy turned on our sink and washed the potatoes off of his ball without asking if he could use our sink.

"Thanks to your ball hitting my face, I might have a broken nose.. So thanks," I told him.

"you're welcome!" He yelled, running out of the house with his blonde-haired friend.

I walked back over to the table and sat down, saying to myself, "I do not want to go outside after supper if they're going to be like that..."


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