Harry Styles sex imagine part 1

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Your POV*

I was wondering where Harry was because he said that we were going to have dinner with his family.

Ugh, I thought we were going to have a dinner date with just me and him.

I went into my closet and put on a tight, short red dress that went above my knees just on mid thigh. I put on some light red lipstick and a glossy coat over my plump lips. I straightend my hair and put on some pumps. Yea I might've gotten overboard but, oh well. Not like I'm a slut which I'm NOT!

I heard the doorbell rang, I ran downstairs and opened the door, it was Harry!

I could see him checking me out

"Like what you see?" I said winking at him.

"Your just so sexy" he put his hands on my waist and pulled me in for a deep kiss which lasted for only about 30 sec. Since we were running late. I felt his smirk on my lips as we pulled apart.

Once we were in the restaurant we took a seat where his parents were smiling at us. It was a four chaired table so I was sitting next to Harry and we were facing across his parents. We sat down and his mom started to ask me some questions

"So? How's ur career?"

"Um I guess being in a cd shop isn't so bad?" I said,

but then I felt a hand roaming in my inner thighs.

I looked at Harry with a "really?" Look. He just winked at me and smirked.

"That's good" his mother said.

The waitress came with our food.

And we began eating.

Harry's touches became more intense they were going up my inner thighs trying to go up my private area. He kept massaging my thighs and went up more and more until he reached my underwear. He began massaging my clit outside of my underwear. I was trying to hold back my moans, but Harry's touches were just too much for me. He rubbed harder and harder and I was starting to get wetter and wetter.

"Did u say something dear?" Harry's mom said.

"I'm perfectly fine!" I said to quickly. I took a sip of my soda and saw harry smirking in the corner of my eye.

Then he "accidentally" dropped his spoon and went under the table. He spread my legs and started to rub my clit again. He slowly pulled down my underwear to my knees and without any warning he shoved his two fingers in my pussy! I winced at the sudden pain but then felt pleasure as he thrusted in and out of my wet area. I was trying so hard not to make any noises or moans. The table had a long enough blanket to cover the sides of the table so people won't notice I'm getting finger fucked at a restaurant!

Harry shoved another one of his long fingers into my pussy, his

Tongue licking my clit while his fingers go in and out making me sooooo wet. He added another finger and I was about to cum. He thrusted really fast and so hard that my walls tightened and I cummed on his fingers. I glanced under me and saw him lick his fingers off clean and began to our his tongue inside my pussy, swerving in circles and quietly spit in it, he licked my pussy clean from the extra cum I made mess of. He sucked on it and I winced when he lightly bit my clit. He took the spoon and started rubbing it against my pussy and clit, I cummed a bit more and most of it was on the spoon so he licked it clean.


He put my undies back on and picked up the spoon and sat back up like nothing happened.

He gave me a smirk and I just rolled my eyes at him.

Once we left the restaurant his parents drove in a different car.

He hotly whispered to me

"That's just round one, get ready for round two babe" and he smacked my bum and I gasped and he took that opportunity to deep tongue kiss me. We were both fighting with each others tongues, as I held onto his soft curls and neck. He pulled away and left a frown on my face.

"Let's go to my place"

I nodded and we left to go to his flat.


YEAAA told u not for kids!!

Part two.!!!! Up next!!!


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