Chapter One - Home Sweet Home

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Author's Note - Thank you for all votes and comments on the original chapters when I first published this book :) I'm so grateful you all liked this! But I hope you like the rewritten version of this.

Woodsboro, California

Saturday, February 5th, 1995

L/N Residence

Third Person POV:

An alarm blares in a teen girl's bedroom making the girl groan and turn on her side to shut the alarm off. This girl is Y/N L/N. She has just moved back to her hometown yesterday after a few years of living in Loveland, Ohio. She used to live here in Woodsboro, California up until she was 13 years old.

Her parents, who are both in the medical field, surprised Y/N and her brother with the move. Both got very excited to go back to their hometown.

Y/N sighs as she sits up in her bed—which has no bed frame at the moment—and looks around at all the unpacked boxes surrounding her room. Guess today is unpacking day for me, the girl thinks to herself. She lazily drags herself out of bed and makes her way towards the bathroom.

After doing what she needed to do, she heads downstairs and is greeted by the smell of bacon and eggs in the kitchen. She smiles to herself then walks toward the source of the smell. She sees her gorgeous mother standing at the stove already dressed in her nurse scrubs.

"Morning mom," Y/N greets her mother.

Her mother turns slightly and smiles at her daughter, who is still in her pajamas, "Morning, honey. You sleep okay last night?"

"Yeah, I slept alright. How about you and dad?"

"We slept fine. As soon as we have some time, we'll set up all the bed frames, we promise."

"Okay, sounds good," Y/N says and sits down in an empty chair at the kitchen table. After a few minutes her dad comes into the kitchen already dressed in his doctor's outfit. "Morning dad!"

The older man smiles at his daughter and places a kiss on top of her head, "Morning, angel." He makes his way over to his wife and places a kiss on her cheek, "Morning, beautiful."

M/N smiles, "Morning, hon. Here's your breakfast."

"Thank you," he takes the plate and sits down in the seat beside his daughter. "Where's B/N? He still asleep?"

"Apparently. Y/N, honey, can you go get your brother and tell him breakfast is ready, please?"

Y/N nods, "Yeah, I'll be right back." She heads back upstairs and goes into the room opposite of hers. Her eyes immediately set on the 11-year-old on the mattress. She smiles a little bit then goes over to her little brother, "Oi, squirt. It's time to get up, mom's making bacon and eggs."

She earns a groan in response then the boy slowly opens his eyes. He rubs his eyes then yawns, "Okay, and stop calling me squirt, you jerk."

"I'm the older sibling, it's my job to call you nicknames," Y/N says then exits the room. She heads back downstairs and sits back down in her seat. Her mother places a plate in front of her and gets back to cooking the rest of breakfast. After a minute or two, B/N comes bolting down the stairs and sits on the other side of the table.

"I wish you'd be more careful down those stairs, B/N," his mother says strictly.

"I am careful!" the little boy argues back.

"Yeah, say that next time you twist your ankle again," Y/N remarks.

B/N sticks his tongue out at his sister, "That was one time!"

D/N chuckles at his children then places his now empty plate in the sink. M/N gives her son his breakfast then starts making hers.

After breakfast, the married couple are grabbing their things then walking into the living room where their children are.

"Okay, we're gonna head to work now guys. We won't be home till around 12AM so there's money on the counter in case you guys want to order pizza for lunch or dinner," their mother explains.

"Could you guys please work together to unpack most of the boxes? We'll pay you both if you get both your rooms unpacked and maybe some other parts of the house," D/N informs.

"And please stay inside. Y/N, I'm trusting you to take care of your brother. If you guys don't want pizza or something, then just cook something quick. There's stuff in the kitchen for grilled cheese which should be enough for lunch or dinner, got it?" their mother says.

"Got it. Don't worry, mom. It's not the first time you're doing this, you know. All we did was move. Plus, B/N's been here before," Y/N states.

M/N sighs, "I know, but it's been a while since we've lived here."

"Honey, it's only been three years. Y/N still remembers this town well," D/N says.

"I know, I know, I'm just worried for some reason. It's probably just me being a worry-wart. Anyways, I'll call throughout the day to check in. I love you two," their mother says and pulls her kids into a hug.

D/N gives them both a hug too then grabs his keys and leaves with his wife. Y/N and B/N makes their way upstairs then go into their separate bedrooms. Y/N sighs as she sees lots of boxes stacked and placed randomly. First thing she does is go into her backpack and pull out some sweatpants and a random 80s band t-shirt (or it could be whatever you want :)). She puts them on then puts her H/C hair up in a ponytail (or a bun if you prefer. If you have short/no hair and can't do it then ignore that bit :)). She places her hands on her hips and looks at the boxes once more, "Welp, time to get to work then."

Around two hours later, it is now 1PM and Y/N has unpacked her clothes, room decor, and videos. She is currently organizing her horror videos when her brother comes into her room. "I'm done with my room; did you need any help?" he asks.

"Yeah, I do actually. Can you sit on the ground with me and hand me some of my movies as I organize them?" she asks and pats the empty spot next to her.

B/N nods, "Yeah, I can do that." He sits next to her and starts handing her stacks of four videos at a time. In the span of fifteen minutes, all the movies are placed perfectly on the shelf.

"Thanks for the help. You wanna go eat some lunch now?" Y/N asks as she stands up off the ground.

"Yeah. Can we have grilled cheese?"

"Yep, we can have it. Let's go downstairs and make lunch."

He nods then the two siblings go downstairs and make lunch. Hours later, it's about 12AM and Y/N is sleeping on the couch in the living room with B/N sleeping next to her with his head on her shoulder. The light from the TV illuminating the siblings sleeping faces. The front door opens to reveal their parents looking exhausted. They peek their heads into the kitchen and see that there's an empty pizza box near the trash can. M/N goes over to the fridge to grab something to eat only to see two separate places with a few slices of pizza there for them both.

She smiles and takes the two plates out. She goes into the living room and spots her kids fast asleep making her smile grow. Her husband walks in and notices them as well. He goes over to them and picks B/N up as M/N shuts the television off. D/N brings his son up to his room and sees that the room is completely unpacked. He smiles and tucks his son into bed before going back down to get his daughter.

He goes back downstairs and picks his daughter up bridal style then takes her to her room. As he saw in his son's room, her room is completely unpacked as well. He places Y/N gently on her bed then pulls the covers over her body. He places a kiss on her head and leaves the room, letting his daughter sleep.

《~~~~~~End of Chapter One~~~~~~》

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