Author's note

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Hello, and welcome to my book! This is a rewritten version of the original but if you are returning from when I originally posted it, I hope you enjoy this version!

Here are some keywords that will pop up in the book but some may not show up:

Y/N - Your Name
L/N - Last Name
D/N - Dad's Name
M/N - Mom's Name
B/N - Brother's Name
U/N - Uncle's Name
H/C - Hair Color
H/L - Hair Length
S/C - Skin Color
F/C - Favorite Color
L/F/A - Least Favorite Actress
F/A - Favorite Actress
Y/H - Your Height

⚠️Warnings⚠️ (Updated on 12/30/2022)

- There will be mentions/gifs of blood and gore

- There is quite a lot of swearing in this

- Themes of obsessive love

- Billy being a pervert

Announcement (12/30/2022) ~

I'd like to say a few things before you read and please just read this the whole way through:

If you find Billy being a pervert, the boys creeping on Y/N, or anything else embarrassing, please just click off the story. I am tired of seeing people leaving comments on how they're uncomfortable. Let me remind you real quick: THEY ARE SERIAL KILLERS. They will be doing some creepy shit, they are obsessed with Y/N, if you find it embarrassing then click off of my story.

These are all of my ideas that I decided to make public for people to enjoy. If you do not enjoy, then it's okay, it's your opinion. But if you leave any comments regarding that Y/N is stupid for doing something in a stressful moment please just remember that she is in an actual horror situation. She can't think straight.

I will be deleting any comments that show hate towards the Y/N that I created or any of my ideas. Simply click off of the story if you find something you do not like. These are warnings I am giving you so hope you have a great time reading.

And just a mini fun fact, I can see when you guys add my stories to your reading lists and I can see your reading list names :) which some of them are absolutely hilarious lmao

Oh, and also, I would suggest putting accent marks or something on your swear words in your comments so Wattpad does not report them.

Please vote, follow, and comment if you please, it warms my heart when people tell me how much they love the books :) I will do other slashers and other characters from movies/shows as soon as I can but I hope you enjoy!

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