He pointed at her >Velgrynd< then to him >Rudra<

‘So she's starting to teach him’

“Then how about we try something? Let's learn about colours”



He pointed at the bed “This is the colours red”


“Can you tell me what other thing that are red?”

Rimuru pointed at a painting >Red?<

“Correct” he pets him

“The next one is yellow” he pointed at the bed frame “what other things that are yellow?”

Rimuru immediately pointed at his head >yellow!<

“Heh good one”


“Then that is green” he pointed at a pot with plant in it

Rimuru jumped and touched the wall >green?<

‘he mistaken me pointing at the pot instead of the plant’

“No Rimuru that is white” he walked towards the plant and showed the leaf “this is green”

>Okay!< Rimuru then jumped to the window and pointed at the grass field >Green!<

“good job”

>Rimuru is smart!<

“Velgrynd taught you that?”

>Yes, Rimuru is smart slime and...< He started touching the top of his body >that<

Heh cute

“Rimuru look up there, that is Blue”

>Ohh blue! Velgrynd!<

“Yes you're right”

They then continued talking about colours for an hour

Timeskip with Rimuru pointing at everything

‘hm maybe that enough colours for now’

“Rimuru let's learn something new”

He then walked out with Rimuru

“These are called flowers” Rudra said showing the garden full of all kinds of flowers

They then stayed there quite a while


“mhm~ Rudra~!” Velgrynd sleep talking while having a great dream

(Just this once, let your imagination run wild b(– — ;)

Everything is nice, but then a slime appeared and she's having a nostalgic feeling seeing the slime which makes Rudra questioned her

“What's wrong?”

“I don't know... This slime...”

She then realized about the slime

“I'm sorry Rudra of my dreams but I'm going to go earlier than usual”

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