Submission Form (Closed, will Reopen Soon)

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Howdy! This shop is currently maxed out on requests! But don't worry. I will reopen in a few weeks with open slots. Until then, add this to your reading list and look out for updates to snag your spot!

If you are okay with my style (if you haven't checked out my work yet, go right on ahead!) and you think I would be a good fit for you, then let's make some magic! Reminder, I do covers for the following genres and subgenres: 

♥ Horror

♥ Paranormal

♥ Romance

♥ Fantasy

♥ Vampire

♥ Werewolf

♥ Contemporary

♥ Action/Adventure



I don't do covers for:

☠ Literary Fiction

☠ Historical Fiction (unless with elements from above accepted genres). Historical Romances are my jam!

☠ Fanfiction (sorry, but I'm afraid I'm not knowledgeable enough of most fandoms to be a good fit for fanfictions). 

There are also some really cool premade covers if you haven't checked them out yet. If you are interested in a premade cover and want it for your story, then please comment here and let me know which one. You won't have to wait--it's yours! --->

If you are interested in a cover design with me, then please go and fill out this form. And don't forget the password! Please, ONE book submission per author! 



Subgenre (if applicable) 

Is your story completed? (Yes, no)

By filling out this form and submitting this application, are you okay with the artist's wait times? (Yes, no)

What do you want your author name to be when I place it on the cover?

Any subtext? 

*IMPORTANT*: I would hate to whitewash any characters on your cover. If I were to place your main character(s) on the cover (if this is a design I was going to go for) are they  POC/Black/Indigenous? If not and your main character(s) are white, please respond with N/A. 


Feel free, when you fill out this form, to DM me with any inspo for your cover. 

Submit your form here inline---> 

If accepted, expect a PM.

Shout me out on your message board and follow this account and add this book to your reading list. If you wish, follow DaniBrull because sometimes I post announcements relating to covers over there. 

Don't forget to credit me on your new, spiffy cover!

Please tag five users here you think would like a cover from me here. Your submission will not be accepted if you forgo this step.--->

PAYMENT: Already stated! A shoutout to this book, a follow, and add this book to your reading list! Following my main account is optional. 


A few days to a few months, depending on life things and all of my other commitments. Being patient is imperative. If I feel like I am behind, I will let you know. Password is your favorite song. I will reach out to you and keep in contact if I need more information for your cover. 

I may also do covers out of order from requests. 


I will allow up to one redo. I know I cannot possibly please anybody, and I'm bound to get things wrong. So if I do, rest assured, I will reevaluate and head back to the drawing board and fix whatever it is. 

If I feel like I might not be the best fit for your story, I will politely pass. No response also means a pass. I cannot accept every submission--that isn't feasible with time constraints and real-life things. 


At this time, I am only doing multiple covers for multiple books in a series for Pretty in Punk Book Club members only


If your genre is a genre I typically do not do covers for, go ahead and fill out the form if you still think I would be a good match as a graphic artist. 

Next page you will find my open slots and my request queue. 

Onto the next!

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