A Canadian Werewolf in New York (or ACWWINY - "aquiny" for short) is a novel that I started working on about half a dozen years ago.  It was being written as part of a "reality show" series of podcasts for The Writing Show Podcast hosted by Paula B.  In the interest of open sharing, I was working on the novel and being interviewed by Paula as I put it together, and also sharing pieces of the book as the first draft was being written.

When I finished the book I put it aside and never really came back to it; until recently. This is a later draft of that same project. Exploring Michael Andrews and the various people and circumstances in his life is something I have enjoyed returning to, and since I also quite enjoyed the ongoing feedback I was getting during its run on The Writing Show podcast, I thought it might be interesting to roll this later draft out via the Wattpad community.

I am curious to see if the story resonates with readers and welcome any and all feedback people are willing to offer (the good, the bad, the ugly) - constructive criticism and reader feedback always makes my writing better.

-- Mark Leslie

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