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I woke up remembering i had to take a test that i missed today. I was mad as hell because out of all days a sunday? They should've just let me take it Friday after we were done.

After i showered n every i just put on an oversized hoodie & got to studying.

The test starts at 10 & these questions seem easy to me so i wasn't worrying i just wanted to get in there n test then right back out i hate them people with a passion.

As i looked over the paper studying for the third time just to make sure i had everything down pack that nigga from last crossed my mind.

I stared off remembering every feature about him which made me catch butterflies.

"Omg I'm really here doing this right now" i said to myself folding my lips.

I didn't get his name or nothing all i knew was he was the finest nigga I've ever seen in chicago & he looks real familiar.

I texted ari but she wasn't responding so i guess she was sleep.

I grabbed my small bag & left to school.

I got in my car connecting my phone to my car & played some music on the way there.

"Oh she's here today" i said parking seeing Kris that guy's girlfriend.

I grabbed my bag seeing he was also there out the car with her kissing n shit i was like one car away.

Turning off my car i got out seeing she was already in side.

I locked my door & got to walking.

"Please don't have him say nothing to me" i thought to myself seeing him staring at me as i walked out the corner of my eye.

"I know you see me looking at chu" he said.

"I didn't" i said slowing down.

"Yea you did i seen you quickly side eye me" he chuckled.

"Oh" i nodded going to walk off.

"Ion done yet" he said.

"What?" I asked turning back around irritated.

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