Chapter fourteen

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Well it's time to say our goodbye to Christian and kate ,this is the final chapter of this book,there will be no sequel. trust me guy I know I've taken so long to update this chapter,im sure you guys hate me for it lol,i thought I would get more vote from this story but apparently no :( , I would like to thank all of you guys that voted and comment ,it means so much to see that you guys liked it,so thank you so yalllll xoxo.

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the wedding was so much more than what kate had ever expected to see even in her wildest dreams.

After some steamy reconciliation that were way overdue,the happy couple made their arrangement to fly

back to Paris,having linda and George promise to be  present at the wedding.

Wearing a traditional French style of gown ,that hide her baby bump ,Kate was an exquisite vision in white.

Looking at her walking down the aisle at the arm of a teary,but proud Joe , Christian thought to himself

that he had never seen more beautiful woman in his entire life. since Kate was back in his life,he'd thank God everyday to be able woke up and see her beautiful face smile tenderly at him.

After the sermon of the priest,he surprised every one by wanting to say some vows before their I dos

looking straight in her shiny emerald eyes he said

" In this day forward,i promise to love and cherish you for the rest of life, you're my life, the reason I woke

up every morning with a smile on my face, yes before you I used to live, but it wasn't living,it was more

like surviving,and then you came along petite souris , you shattered my world,taking a little bit more

space in my heart each day.I love you so much Kate , I'm more then honored that you choose me

to share the rest of life with. I can't promise you that everyday will be perfect,but with us two together,

there's nothing that we can't get through".....

and with those final words ,they said their I dos ,promising to love,to cherish each other for the rest of their life.

5 years later....

"papa",said sophie ,running toward her father " save me please"

Laughing, Christian picked up the little girl,wondering what other prank she had been up too.

at the age of 4 and a half,Sophie Delacroix was already a heart breaker,knowing how to work her charm on the grown up to get what she wanted.Her hair was black as her dad and her eyes from the stunning color green of her mom, and yes she was has  much of a pranker as he was at the same age.

"where's mommy?" he asked her

looking at them together,there was no doubt that they were father and daughter.

making his way toward their bedroom he found his lovely wife sitting on the floor of their bathroom,soak-en wet.

"Christian ,one of this day,this daughter of yours" kate said,although she was smiling looking at the picture that they form

"let me  guess,having trouble with the shower again?" he asked, laughing,it was so good to be home.

putting his daughter on the floor, he went to help his wife back on her feet,then taking her in his arms,he kissed her hard,passionately ,almost bruising those ruby lips of hers

"ewwwwwwwwwwww!!!!, Tatie Linda, mommy and daddy are doing it again!!!!" yelled Sophie,running out of the room.

Laughing, Christian swept his wife into his arms,in direction of their bedroom where she properly welcomed him back.,Sophie's bath long gone from their thoughts.............


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