Mismatched Compatibility

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Important announcement!!

I've uploaded some sort of spin-off for A and D. But it also features characters from my other book, Realize. Yes, they're all in the same universe. Cool, right? :D The span of the story is 5 days, and the setting is summer of 2015. For those who misses Aaron and Dakota, of course they'll be there as supporting characters. You're in for a surprise, too. ;)

Anyhow, it stars Ethan Tyler. Here's the plot:

Ever met your soulmate? Ever wondered if Fate was playing a cruel joke on you because your 'supposed' soulmate annoys the heck out of you? Well, they say your soulmate will be perfectly compatible with you. But what if you share an undeniable chemistry with your complete opposite?

Ethan Tyler is your typical arrogant jerk of a bad boy. He likes sports, girls, and booze -- and he got no problem getting it all. While in the world of luxurious life style, Daniella Howard couldn't ask for more. All she wanted was someone to see her, and rescue her from all the superficiality.

Daniella grew up in prestige, as Ethan lived a normal life. They didn't get along when they met, having lived in completely different worlds and having different beliefs. Five days is all they have, though. Five days to bicker and five days to get to know each other. All it takes is FIVE days to change their lives forever. So how will it possibly work between them?

For those who are interested to read it, the url is on the external link. And for those in mobile, the code is: 11637154. 

Come on, aren't you interested to find out how your favorite characters are doing? ;)

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