Disappearance and appearance

Start from the beginning

“Sorry” he apologized first

“No it's fine, it's my fault for getting too excited”

“But it's only a slime”

“And? It's still come from me”

“Fair point”

“Then as the father you name him!”

“eh? Fine, then he will have a name that quite similar with mine”

“... Okay...”

Even though I want his name to be more similar to mine...

“Then It's name is Rimuru”

“Rimuru, I like how it sounded”

The slime is glowing and once it done he jumped and rolling around us

“Come here Rimuru!” I placed my hand Infront it

But he didn't do anything


He just stay there...

“Go on come here!” I wave my hand Infront of him

I'm about to cry Rimuru~ do something!

“... You know right that he probably still unable to see or hear?”

“oh right...”

I feel dumb.....

A-anyway~ I tried using telepathy

>Hey Rimuru<


>Yes you are Rimuru<


Cuteness overload

Critical hit
Damage over 9000

I then took and hugged him and I can tell that he's shocked

>Ups I'm sorry<

But no reply... I'm sorry! I mean it!

... Ohhh he must be confused at the one picking him

>Oh right you still not able to see me...<

>See you?<

>Yes! Try sensing the stuff around you then you'll get Magic sense<


I put him down then waited and after a while he is having another expression

Expression of awe

And that's gives me so much happiness

I then decided to talk directly

“Rimuru~ can you hear me?”

He just stay there... I know he's trying to use telepathy but I intentionally ignoring those to see what else he would do

But... He just started melting... Oh no!

“wait! I'm sorry Rimuru!” I quickly take him on my arms

>Am I wrong?<

“No, of course no it's my fault sorry”


“Don't worry you'll learn bit by bit”

“yes!” he the grow back into a ball

He's so cute!

Well Time to teach him some stuff

But before that...

“Hey Rudra... I want to raise him and-” I haven't finished my sentence because Rudra put a finger on my mouth

“No it's fine, you can take as long as you want”

In that moment I can feel my heart is beating really fast, I quickly hugs him and making Rimuru sandwiched between us

“I love you Rudra!”

After awhile he goes back to his throne leaving only the two of us in the room

Yes I'm going to teach Rimuru nicely unlike a certain someone

Somewhere in a seal in a cave in the middle of a forest a huge dragon sneezed


Yo! another weird idea by yours truly

Anyway the reason I make this is:

I got stuck writing TTD & GVR so I've been really slow at writing those two

Then when I read back my story in hope getting imagination/idea I see the comments and there I see about Rimuru looks like Rudra×Velgrynd kids by pallyrollke that I replied by if I got the idea I will make it

And now as if the imagination god says “Do it and ignore those two for now” my head is filled with how the story will go

And here we are lol

Well tell me what do you think about this

Also.... What is Rimuru second name? Is it just gonna be Nam Ul Nasca or do you guys have a good idea for it?

Anyway thanks for reading

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