Dreadful Sights: Just Bleed For Greed

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        In the year 1993 a man by the name of Abraham Wade owns Wade's Wax Museum which has been declared a historical landmark by the city because the Wade family has owned it for 5 generations. Abraham has an assistant that helps him whose name is Grayson Thomas. The two of them have created many fascinating wax statues that attract a lot of people to this day. A company by the name of Ashfield Development wanted to buy Wade's Wax Museum so that they could build a mall. Frank Anzalone represented Ashfield Development and made several lucrative offers to Abraham Wade yet the man told him that he had no intention in selling the wax museum.

      By this point in time the last member of the Wade family which was Abraham was 29 years old and he had no descendants. Abraham would have been married for a couple of years to his sweetheart Maddie Lubin, but life at times can be a cruel tragedy. Maddie was a successful fashion designer that had a natural talent for apparel and she had the wits of a genius in making great deals. The day that Abraham was going to propose to her Maddie was headed towards Wade's Wax Museum and a drive by shooting that was supposed to kill a gang member that was in line for Wade's Wax Museum did kill three other people and one of them which was Maddie made it wounded towards Wade's Wax Museum and she fell into Abraham's arms. Wade's mother Bianca witnessed the whole thing as her only son had lost his life companion right there in the wax museum. Later on, the police found out that the gang member that was killed, whose name was Willie Stovall owed money to a dangerous notorious loan shark Connor Ferguson.

      Three days later Abraham's mother Bianca could swear that she heard a female voice inside Abraham's work room. After Maddie's funeral Abraham seemed to distract himself with his work by making new wax statues and creative sets for the statues to be in. In time before she passed away Bianca noticed that Abraham had made a wax statue that looked exactly like Maddie. Bianca thought that it was a little weird, but Abraham had done such a great job managing Wade's Wax Museum and she also noticed that Abraham was not obsessed with Maddie's wax statue. One fateful night while Bianca was reading in her rocking chair she dozed off to sleep and she never woke up again.

      After his mother's passing Abraham hired Grayson Thomas who was a diligent young man who had previously worked at a mortuary as an embalmer. Grayson had a great resume and great letters of recommendations from his previous bosses. Grayson had heard the rumors that Wade's Wax Museum was haunted by many ghosts, yet he paid no attention to any of those tales. Abraham was always a good caring boss and so far he had worked for him for two years. There was one night when they were working late making the new wax statues when he heard a female voice humming from Abraham's work room while Abraham was outside fixing Grayson's car which had a flat tire. Even though Grayson did not believe in the supernatural he quietly exited the wax museum that night and got to go home once Abraham fixed the flat tire that he had.

       The following day Frank Anzalone had hired three thugs who burned down places for Frank before so that big money deals could go through. The three thugs were Scott Dailey, Alonzo Krasutsky and Joseph Gringle. They posed as customers in Wade's Wax Museum during different times to scope out the place and they found a way in through the back door of the building when everyone had left and before they went in they had disabled the security system. Each of them wore masks when they went inside. Scott was the leader of the gang and since Frank Anzalone had given them a blueprint of the building they wanted to see if Abraham had made any changes to the building and they all wore gloves to leave no fingerprints. While they were inside they all heard an old record player playing an old song called "The Beast Inside." The three of them went together to check it out and they checked the room while turning off the record player.

       Without warning the door of the room closed itself and Joseph tried to open it, but it was useless. Scott told Alonzo to try one of his tools to open the door. Alonzo tried to pick the lock yet the door would not open. Joseph was looking along the room which had many books on the occult and many fiction novels. Joseph also saw a wax statue of Rosa Parks and while looking into her eyes Joseph was possessed by one of the ghosts that haunted the wax museum. Joseph took out his gun. He shot and killed Scott and Alonzo with shots to the head before he killed himself by blowing his brains out. Two days later Frank Anzalone was at his home and he got in his doorstep a box that when he opened it inside his own room had a wax statue of himself in the form of a human candle. The wax candle lit itself up and it burned not only the wax candle, but Frank himself while he held the candle in his hands, yet the fire made him drop the wax candle which broke into pieces. The wax candle kept on burning. Glenda Neill who was the housekeeper was the one who found all of the pieces of the remains of Frank Anzalone and it was a case that the police could never solve yet if you ask the people that lived close to Frank they all said that he was todo greedy for his own good.

                                                          The End

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