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All I could see, was darkness as a strong sound hit my ear.





I opened my eyes, saw the face of a beautiful brown haired woman.

'What did she call me? Where am I? Are those bastards playing a prank?'

My mind is messed up.

"Husband! are you okay? You got injured while practicing your martial arts."

I frowned.

"Who are you? Who are all of them?"

Violan's hands trembled hearing that.

"Bring the healer here immediately! He hit his head hard, he must have lost his memory."

Violan quickly gave orders and the servants followed.

'Why are they so noisy? I didn't really know them from the start.'

I looked in the mirror in the room.


Shit! Whose body is this!?




And, with that, I came face to face with this extremely ferocious looking butler.

'Why do I feel he doesn't like me?'

A butler, whose hair was just starting to turn white, looked at him with a friendly smile that gave him goosebumps.

"Count-nim, I'm sure you're confused because you don't remember anything. Your name is Deruth Henituse, you are the ruler of this territory."

I nodded in understanding.

'Like I've heard this name somewhere. But where?'

Ron could see Deruth deep in thought.

"And the woman you saw earlier is the Countess-nim, your second wife."

Deruth looked at Ron in bewilderment.

"My first wife?"
"The late Countess-nim, Jour Thames, has been dead for 4 years due to an accident in Harris village."
'Harris Village, I also seem to have heard of it. But most importantly, even though I'm 39 years old, I've never been in a relationship! I also never slept with anyone, now I have to be a father!? '

Ron who saw Deruth was silent, continued.

"Then you have a son with the late Countess-nim, Cale Henituse. He is known as trash for always causing trouble, neglecting studies and destroying things."

Wait, Cale Henituse!? I know it! I once heard a high school girl talk about it on the train!

"Ugh! Why is the test that the sealed god has to give is the destruction of Harris village!?"

The girl spoke to her friend in an annoyed tone.

"I love Cale so much! I understand how you feel Clopeh, I'm also upset that he made my Cale-nim a ghost!"

Her friend looked resigned when she heard it. Her gaze seemed to say, 'Here we go again.'

"The war in this story is not for humans! Their war is so crazy! The easiest war is only in the sea after the war in the Henituse territory! The war in the Hanituse territory, there is a fake dragon slayer, the war of the Caro kingdom, there is a half-blood dragon, the war in the Gorge of the dead, Raon is sick and can't fight! Not to mention he nearly exploded and had to immediately confront the empire! Then they resurrected the Golems! Give my Cale-nim a break! Ouh my hero!"

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