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Ugly and the Handsome

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This story begins with a princess that lived a long time ago. She was a very spoiled princess; she always got everything she wanted. Now when she was older she lived in a beautiful castle. She always treated everyone poorly if she didn't get waht she then she got very angry. Then one day a peasant woman came to the castle, she asked for shelter from the cold but the princess turned her away. Then she dismissed her again then the peasant woman turned into an enchantress. She tried apologizing but it was too late. She turned the princess into a beast, and the only way she could be turned back is if she found someone to love her and she loved him back, but she only had till her twenty first birthday. Thus, begging our story.

Phillip was a very handsome man; he was the talk of the town but not for that reason. Everyone in town thought that he was odd. He never really spoke; he was always shy and keeping to himself. He lived with his mother which people thouht was also odd. She worked as a seamstress at a local dress shop. Now Phillip's mother had to go out of town to get Phillip a present for his birthday. As she was leaving she told Phillip that she would be back in a couple of days.

Now Phillip's mother was traveling down the road and she heard this howling sound, as soon as she heard it she knew that wolves were nearby. She traveled further and then they attacked. Her horse got so frightened that it bucked her off and it ran away, leaving her lying on the ground. She got up and bolted of in whatever direction to get away from the wolves. She ran and ran until she came to a castle; she opened the gates and shut them behind her. She went and opened the doors to the castle; she saw the most horrifying thing and fainted.

When she finally came to her senses she realized that she was in a very cold and dark place, which meant only one thing she was in the dungeon. How and who brought her up here she didn't know. All she knew is that she saw the beast and fainted. She knew that in all of her power that she had to get out of this dungeon. Even if it was the last thing she would do.

Phillip was just sitting at home painting when he heard something strange outside. He went out and saw their horse that his mother had taken with her on her trip. Then he realized that something must of happened to her. So he got on the horse and went looking for her. Later that evening he came up to the castle. He saw that his mother had been there and still was because he saw that part of her dress had ripped on the gate. He walked up to the castle and opened up the doors, thinking and wondering where his mother was. When he opened up the doors alll he saw was pitch black darkness except for a few candles that were lit. He picked up one of the candles that were beside him and to his surprise; the candle started talking to him. Phillip not knowing where the sound came from, freaked out and screamed, then the candle screamed back in his face. Then the candle started talking to him, she asked him how he got there and what he was doing there. Phillip not hearing what she asked stood there dumbfound and didn't hear what she had said. Then for the second time she asked and he answed her " I am looking for my mother. I saw that she tore her dress on the gate so I came looking for her in here." She looked at him and said " I did see a woman here in the doorway and her highness was at the doorway and when she opened the door, she was furious and growled at your mother and she passed out." Phillip gave her a look of confusion and asked "Where did she take her?" She told him that his mother was taken up to the dungeon. As soon as she said this Phillip ran up the stairs in search of his mother.

After what seemed like a life time Phillip finally found his mother. As soon as his mother saw him she started rambling about the beast that she saw and when Phillip tried to calm her down, the beast came up behind him and scared him. She turned him around and asked what he was doing there. He said that he was here to free his mother. Then she said "To set your mother free you must take her place." His mother tried to talk him out of it but he had already made up his mind. So then after he made his deal she let his mother go. Him and his mother did not get to say goodbye because as soon as she got her out of her cell she dragged her off and in his mind, he thought he would never see his mother again.

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