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Yn pov

Me and Javon were talking and laughing.
We took some snap pictures and send them to Jayla.
She snapped back, with Jaden..
Which isn't really amused.

"We need to change our seats again" I said.
"Sure, now?" Javon asked
"Yeah!!" I said happy.
"I'm going over, I'm gonna bring Kaden to you." Javon stood up.
"Okay."I said before he walked away.

Then Jaden came and sat next to me.

"Very nice welcoming" Jaden said.
"Hey!!" I said laughing
"Hi!" he chuckled.
"You exited?" Jaden asked me
"For what?"
"Bora bora?"
"Oh, ofc I am. are you?"
"Yeah. I hope it'll be cool."
"Wanna watch a movie?" Jaden asked.
"Why not."

We watched me a movie.
Jayla snapped me, then I opened a snap with Javon saying 'I love you'
Ofc it was a joke and I get it.
Apparently Jaden didn't.
He was looking at my phone.
We always do this.
I responded with 'ly 2'.
Thanks when Jaden was moody.

(Mad eye moody/ for the one who get it I love you!!/ for the ones who don't = you need to watch Harry Potter!!)

No respond
Still no respond.
"Why you so moody?"
"What!? Go said that to your boyfriend 'Javon' also known as ' the better twin'!"
"Save it."
"I'm gonna say it, me and Javon are not dating, I told you before, it was to get over you and get you jealous, we are just friends!"
"Why are you flirting the whole time then?!"
"Are you jealous? Can't I be friends with your brother or what?!"
"Sorry.. i overreacted.."
"I noticed!"
"I just.. still like you a lot.."

That was the thing I wanted to hear, but didn't expected to hear.

"I also like you." Was the only thing I responded.

"I'm gonna post a story." Jaden said.
"Don't forget to tag me!!"
"I won't"

onwardjdub tagged you in a story!

onwardjdub tagged you in a story!

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"Sweet" i said.
"As you are!" Jaden said.
"Thank you so much sir!!"
"Your welcome madame!"



I really tried to make my chapters longer but I'm tired and I really want to upload this one so yeah.

Soon there is coming a new chapter, NOW REALLY STAY EXCITED!!!

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