5.81 Uncaught - Soothing

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When I opened my eyes again, I felt a lot better. Finally I was neither tired nor stressed anymore. Mack sat on the edge of the bed in front of me and stared at his racing game. Don't get me wrong: seeing a big boy playing video games will never ever be a sexy thing ^^ But there was just so much more to him. Well, at least for me. I didn't move at all because I just wanted to watch him for a few more minutes. I think I loved everything about him: from the broad shoulders to the little gut. But what I loved most about him I wouldn't be able to see right now. It was the way he looked at me. He was always so friendly and caring. But right now he was angry ^^ His Ferrari had just crashed into a lapped car. He had dropped back into third position with only two remaining laps. Driving down a straight I noticed the car also pulled towards the right and Mack had to steer against it. During the final lap he finally saw both of the cars ahead of him fighting for the lead. Mack had caught up with them. Suddenly the Bugatti overtook the Jaguar which got him into position to overtake the latter as well. When fighting back the Jaguar spun out and crashed. Mack's Ferrari managed to close the gap to the Bugatti again, but the race ended before he could attack it. Mack dropped the controller and I could see he was frustrated. But then something happened that I didn't expect. He turned around to look after me and as soon as he saw me the anger vanished. I kept my eye lids almost closed and only peeked carefully through them. He looked at me with an affectionate look on his face and caressed my back a little. I couldn't resist him anymore so I groaned and slowly opened my eyes.

"Oh, you're finally awake. How are you? I already started to worry a bit", he said and laid down next to me. I quickly snuggled up to him.

"You're sweet! Actually I feel a lot better now. How long did I sleep if it already worried you?"

"More than an hour"

"Woah, really?"

"Yeah, I'm not kidding. Looks like you really needed it, Lyz"

"You can say that again. What did I miss?"

"My Mom was checking on us about 15 minutes ago"

"Oh, did she enter your room?"

"Of course, but don't worry: I made sure you were covered up"

"Thanks! Was she okay with me sleeping on your bed?"

"Yes. Actually she had fallen asleep in Mila's bed and came here right after waking up again", he explained and we both giggled.

"That's odd"

"Indeed. However Mom told me you can stay overnight if you want to"


"I'd look forward to it", he added with a smile.

"That's what you say now...", I returned and felt the front of his pants smiling at him. He winced a bit before I felt his dick slowly become hard.

"No, you don't need to do that, Lyz"

"Not?", I asked surprised and let go.

"You just slept an hour because you were so tired. We should not rush things. Let's save it for another day"

"But you said you needed it to overcome your stress"

"I was already glad that you came over and played video games with me. But watching you sleep was so soothing that I'm doing really well, Lyz", Mack explained smiling and caressed my hair. Somehow I didn't like that he tried to talk me out of this.

"So you suddenly don't need me anymore...is it that what you are saying?"

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