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Scorpio was running as fast as she had ever in in her life, she raced out of the house hair a mess and still in pajamas but she raced towards the village without a glance behind her. The monsters were terrorizing the village and killing innocent people, Scorpio could feel angry tear brimming in her eyes threatening to spill, they had promised to keep all the good in this place safe, they should have left when they had the chance.

Gia was already up and she was using her light magic to defend her people, the others came out behind Scorpio their eyes wide.

Scorpio never cried and she wouldn't today, now was the time for action she thought as she took out her sword and ran into battle.

The next few minutes were a blur, there was panic in the air and terrified screams, monsters were torturing and killing and the zodiacs weren't enough, not enough to stop the evil.

" GUYS COME HERE!!!" Shouted Libra and we all crowded around, she had her gem out, we had to do this again.

Except Aries was missing.

" Where the hell-

Aries came out stretching and yawning his short hair in tiny curlers and his robe wrapped around him.

What the hell?

"It's not even morning yet what the hells happening?" Asked Aries with his pink bunny slippers.

" Aries get you're ass over here!" Shouted Scorpio and he ran over to us with his gem in hand.

" Honestly I wish I could unsee this," said Elena staring at Aries curlers and then suddenly our gems blasted the monster back, we used all our will to keep the innocent people and creatures from getting hurt.

The light got brighter and we all closed our eyes. When Scorpio opened her eyes she saw the village destroyed, half the castle blown to bits, chaos and panic everywhere, people still screamed and ran to hide, dead bodies littered the ground as debris floated down around them.

Scorpio would never be able to forget this scene of destruction, and there was the queen storming out of her castle with her bunny slippers.

" At least she has style," said Aries and then she was standing in front of them looking very angry and Scorpio couldn't blame her.

Scorpio looked down at her feet and yanked Aries by the collar to tell him to look down as well and bow.

" My queen-

The queen put her hand up and Gia stopped speaking and instead looked down.

" You twelve have come here and destroyed my kingdom," she said in a deadly quiet voice, her fists were clenched.

" I'm so-

" SILENCE!!!" Shouted the queen interrupting Cancer who had tears in her eyes.

" Please let us just help you're majesty," pleaded Elena.

" You've done enough, the twelve of you must leave! And take you're friends with you, if I ever see you're faces again I will kill you," she said and stormed away.

" I'm surprised she didn't blow us to pieces," said Sagittarius.

" Go," said Gia.

" But-

" JUST GO!!!" She shouted and the Zodiacs stared at her in shock but they understood that they had fucked up.

" Come on guys," said Scorpio who began to walk and the others followed her.

" I wish this hadn't happened," said Leo who looked back at the destruction with a sad look.

" Yeah well it happened and there's nothing we can do about it now, come on," said Virgo putting an arm around Leo.

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