My phone rang, it was a call from George. I answered it.

"Hello Babe"

"Hey George!"

"Just calling to say I love you, and I always will"

"Awwrrhhh I love you too, I cant wait to see you soon!"

"Me to, I got to go now bye baby"

"Bye George love you"

Isn't he sweet? I am so lucky to have him.He is currently on tour with the X Factor, I miss him like mad, I cant wait till he comes home! Soon me and my monkey will be reunited. Just 4 hours till he comes home from his last concert.

                                                          ***          ***          ***

I heard the door close, I rushed out of bed and ran downstairs, it was George.

"GEORGE YOUR HOME!!" I shouted and ran into his arms.

"I missed you so much!" he said kissing my forehead.

He cuddled me and kissed me for a while then we sat in the living room talking about the tour

"It was amazing, there were so many fans, so many banners, it was unbelievable" He exclaimed

"I bet it was baby. Now lets get our onesies on! I missed my monkey!" I said and we rushed upstairs to get our onesies.

We cuddled up on the sofa in our onesies, George was in his monkey onesie and I was in my Minnie mouse onesie.

"oh fuck yeah I didn't give you your prezzies!!" George exclaimed

"George!" I said with a smile on my face

"oh yeah, monkeys don't swear!" he said and ran to go get my presents.

"Oh baby thank you I love them!" I exclaimed

"I knew you would! I love you baby girl" he said and kissed me.

"i love you to, my little monkey!" I said and we both giggled.

He bought me amazing presents! He got me some X Factor Tour merch and a beautiful necklace. He is the best boyfriend ever! We cuddled on the sofa for the rest of the night. George was mine until he tours at the end of the year.


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