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Just My Imagination

《Just My Imagination》

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Amanda Brown
November 16th, 2017
Chino Hills, California


I walked back into the room and saw Melo sitting up on the bed. His head turned to me when the door creaked open. I sat my clothes on the chair with my stuff, and plugged my phone up in a nearby plug.

While doing so, I never felt his eyes leave me. I turned around and looked him in the eyes, not knowing where I was supposed to sleep. "You can sleep on that side of the bed- If you feel comfortable sleeping with me. If not-"

I cut off his rambling with a small smile. "Its fine Melo, I can sleep next to you" I could here him let out a sigh of relief. I quietly got in the bed beside him, making myself comfortable in the covers.

Not even five minutes after I got comfortable, I heard soft snores besides me. I looked over my shoulder, and Melo was knocked out. I laughed to myself and started getting tired. I felt two arms snake around my waist and pull me closer.

I was too tired to object and just let it happen. I felt his breathe on the back of my neck, and fell asleep to the sound of  his soft snores.


"Yooo I know they is not- Zo Come here" I heard someone, who I think was G, yell. I turned around and opened my eyes to be met with a partially sleeping Melo. My eyes widened along with his, at the sight of us being so close.

Neither of us moved, but just stared. "Hey.." His tired voice mumbled closing his eyes back. "Hi" I closed my eyes as well and turned back around. Melo rolled over on top of me, and  laid his head in the crook of my neck.

"They cute an all- but shits hella illegal" G said I guess Zo. "What you mean? How old she is?" I couldn't hear anything for a minute before Zo yelled. "19?!- Gelo He's 16"

"Shut up bro lemme sleep" Melo said directed to Zo and Gelo. He rolled back off me and I sat up slowly. I felt his arms wrap around my waist. "Stop you're warm.." I felt his grip on my waist tighten.

As someone he just met, I'm surprised he doesn't want me out his room. He laid his head in my lap, and I rubbed my eyes. I turned to the door and saw G with Zo. I waved at them, letting my eyes adjust to the light coming in through the window.

"Gyattt damn.." Zo whispered under his breath. Zo wasn't that bad looking, but he wasn't my type. "Hey.." I waved again, but this time awkwardly. "Wassup" He bit his lip and I turned to G..

"First off, y'all need to back of my bestfriend- and nephew" My eyes widened at the last part, and so did Zo's. "Oh shit- your" he mouthed pregnant. I nodded slowly.

"If you think about playing step daddy, I think Melo beat you to it" G laughed, smirking at Zo. "LiAngelo Ball!- He's 16!" I threw a pillow at him, which happened to be one Melo was laying on.

"What the fuck bro" Melo sat up, unraveling his hands from my waist. I stood up from the bed and faces Gelo, forgetting the clothes I was wearing.

I felt all eyes, but G's on me and got confused. "Mirror" G rolled his eyes and walked out. While turning towards the mirror, I saw Melo basically drooling.

Using the mirror, I saw the Camouflage black/gray Psd boxers uncovered by the  hoodie I was wearing. "Boys man" I pulled down my hoodie and walked over to the chair my stuff was in.

"Amanda, I fucks wit you, any other person would've woken me up hours ago" Melo yawned, getting out if bed. "Thanks.. you're very touchy though" He shrugged.

"I just like attention" I went back to his bathroom when he went into his closet, and changed into my clothes. When I walked out, he was already dressed. "You can keep the stuff" He told me, referring to what I had slept in.

"Thanks" I walked out and headed downstairs where G was. "Lets go, I'm taking you to get your car." I put on my shoes and jacket before Melo came running downstairs.

"Yo Gelo can you run me to the store" Melo ran down the stairs, seeing me and G about to walk out the door. "Yeah lets go" I stepped out the door before Melo and G but soon regretted it.

I was inches away from the car when Zo ran in front of me and into the front seat. I didn't even know he was going. I started walking to the other side but G jumped in the drivers seat. That left me and Melo in the back.. again.

I got in the back seat with Melo and leaned on the door facing him. "Hi.." He mumbled looking down in his seat. "Hey Melo" I laughed grabbing my phone out my pocket. I was scrolling through Instagram when I felt a pair of eyes on me.

I looked and saw Melo just staring at me. He rubbed his now tired eyes that could barely stay open. "Melo wake yo ass up its 12 o'clock in the afternoon" Zo laughed looking in the back seat.

Melo flipped him off and I laughed. He looked at me but didn't say anything. I looked back at my phone before my arms were moved. Melo had moved my arms and was now laid in my chest.

I'm surprised with how comfortable he is with me- not that he shouldn't be.  Usually it takes about a month for someone to get this comfortable with a person.

"I'm Tired" he spoke lowly taking my free hand and placing it in his hair. "Hello to you to Melo" I playfully rolled my eyes and ran my fingers through his hair.

"Gelo I think Melo took your Bestfriend" Zo laughed, hitting G's shoulder. I continued to scroll through insta until the car came to a stop. "Melo get of my bestfriend so she can go" G got out the car, and opened the door opposite to me.

"Shut the fuck up Gelo" Melo groaned, opening his eyes a little. "Dude you gotta get up- she got places to be" He groaned loudly but still got up. "Aye Amanda, when are you due?" Zo asked from the front.

"December 6th" I got out the car, and dapped up Zo through the window. I hugged G and placed a kiss on Melo's Forehead. "Bye guys" I looked both ways before running across the street.

"Now for the drive back home" I sighed, starting up the car. I was going to pull off but I heard a tap on my window. I rolled it down and there he was again, LaMelo Ball.

"Yes?" I asked waiting for him to speak. "You think I can go with you? Pleaseeeee. G said he would be on his way in like an hour." he begged, forming a pout on his face. "Get in LaMelo" He smiled and ran over to the passenger side.

"You my new bestfriend now" He spoke while putting his seatbelt on. I pulled out the spot, and started to make my way back to La.


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