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Jackson's pov:
I skimmed the pages,intensly pausing every now and then.I felt a tap on my shoulder and jumped,"Don't be so paranoid,its only me Jax."My older brother chuckled.I untensed,"You scared me Nathan."I smiled."well dad said come down for dinner."Nathan's dark green bloodshot eyes stared into my dark brown ones."Try not to piss him off tonight,okay?"I chuckled,"Whatever Nathan."I put my book down and headed down the hall way.
"Set the table."my dad muttered,I set the table and helped Nathan serve out the rice he made.I got a beer out for my dad and sat down.My dad started scarfing down his rice.I ate bits here and there."Eat your godamn food Jackson,"my dad growled."I'm not hungry."my brother frowned,"you never are anymore."

I frowned,getting up and pushing in my chair.
"Im going for a walk."
My dads brown eyes looked into my own,"sit the fuck down Son."I sighed,"No."His eyes widend,"SIT.DOWN."I growled "Fuck that."My dad quickly got up,grabbing me by my collar,"What was that?"I smirked"Fuck.that."
He swiftly tossed me down,Kicking me in my side."Apologize."my brothers eyes pleaded.I took in a sharp breathe as my father kicked me in the chest.I soon started to regret my words,as he kicked me harder,and harder.yelling,Apologize.with each kick.I held back hot tears.he stopped kicking,and turned"I'm going to bed!"he called."Wash the dishes nathan.""Yes sir",before he continued down the hall,he spat on me.
I choked in a sob,slowly getting up,I fell back to my knees , coughing up blood.My stomach churned as I got up once more.This time succeding.I stumbled to the small room I shared with my brother,It used to be a bathroom,but my dad renovated.I flopped back onto the almost deflated air matress.My mind was in knots,my stomach churning.my brain had bees buzzing around inside of it.Why cant I just run away,theres the door.I could just walk out,a flannel over my shoulder hobo style.
I could feel something staring at me,probaly just an animal,or my brother.I looked at the clock,it was
11:24 time goes by so quickly.I took out the phone my brother bought me,he saved up four years to buy me it.It was getting late so I decided to just hit the hay and go to sleep.I pulled of my shirt and put on my hoodie.It smelled strong,like cologne.I fell asleep,the smell of calvin clein drifting me into a peaceful sleep.
I sighed,picking up. And skimming through the multiple mental institution ads.if I dont get him help soon,he could get seriously hurt.
My head started to hurt,maybe I should call callie.Yeah ,that was a good idea.I picked up my samsung and typed in her number,The phone rang a couple timey before I heard a "Hello?""Hey callie.""Oh Nathan!man,youve gotta come over right now!the party jumping its amazing!"my breathing hitched,"your house?""yea.""im coming over."I hung up the phone and threw on an old ambercrombie and fitch hoodie,my black boots,and some cologne.I Finished styling my hair and went out the door.I walked down the hallway,then out the front door,BUT,I grabbed my keys first.I walked out into the cool december air,I could feel thrill building in my bones.As I walked down the street I smiled,Callues house was inly a couple blocks from mine so I got there quickly.I opened the door to her house,The sweet yet sickening smell of different alcohols and drugs ,Attacking my nose quickly.Callie handed me a cup with a mystery liquid inside,"Lets get this party Started!"She screamed laughing.
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