Chapter 9 - Polished Steel

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"What the fuck are you doing?!" Heisenberg thundered, venturing into the room downstairs while clutching his hammer. Emily froze anxiously, glancing at the immobile Soldats on the floor, showing no signs of livability, and then back at him. In the redness, now his enraged visage was visible. Emily had never seen him angry before, ever since she met him he was always showing his overconfident attitude and humour that exasperated her, but no other emotions unveiled themselves, until now. Behind those round sunglasses, he was furious, and the sight of his hammer made her believe that he was going to kill her with it for her incompetence. Staying in his imperfect hospitality was better than death at this point with her newfound desire to become stronger.

She struggled to keep a straight face when he approached, but the moment he looked her in the eye, inches away from her, did she start to panic again, "I was... just trying to see how it would affect them differently! I didn't know it would kill them!" she said, the lightning quivered underneath her skin.

Heisenberg scowled and seized her throat with his free hand, pinning her against one of the tanks on the wall, "Fuck that! I told you already that they are not expendable! I need all the soldiers humanly possible to take that bitch down! Even a dozen makes a difference!" he gritted his teeth angrily.

His grip felt like cold metal against her soft flesh, even if it was just the leather of his gloves. Emily gasped for air, "Please! They were actually responding well! They're conduits just like you!" her words barely escaped her mouth in a desperate attempt, any minute now, he'll do something with that hammer, what is he waiting for? Heisenberg's impatience was decreasing and full of rage, his grip was tight around her, but he did not squeeze tighter like he was waiting for her to spit out excuses and then constrict until she was able to give him an honest answer.

"Conduits? Ha! That's one thing look at them!" he pointed with his hammer, "Specimens reconstructed from dead trespassers in this village, deceased employees of this factory, seized corpses who died from Miranda's endless torture! Do you really think it's that easy to find bodies for my mechanical enhancements!?"

Emily shook her head quietly,

"Exactly! I'd kill you right now, you have no idea how much I wish I could from seeing this before me, what were you thinking? Are you trying to sabotage my chances of freedom?!"

Freedom, that's what he wanted, to be unrestricted, to do as he pleased, that was what Emily wanted as well, to live a life of her own without the burden of being hunted down by people who thought she was a killer. Both she and Heisenberg grew up as lab rats deemed threats or slaves, it was no wonder deep inside there was something to admire in him and it was evident that his feelings were mutual.

"I would never... I want to be free too.." she gasped softly,

"From what? The BSAA's hunting? We're two bioweapons united and our only chance of survival is to work together to defeat our common enemy! If those bastards so much as think of getting involved in our war plans, I will be ready for them!"

Our war? Our enemy? Now he speaks as if I've fully committed to this when right now I only feel like I'm just tolerating it and I don't know enough about Miranda to see her as a threat to my life as well! Emily thought as he continued,

"Now answer my question, are they who you want to be free of?" he demanded,

This time, she nodded and added, "It's them, and I just...." the words were failing to emerge from her lips,

"Oh, I get it!" Heisenberg interrupted, "you don't want this power you've been given! I might have known! Well tough luck, buttercup, you'll never be cured of it! You should just accept it's part of you and always will be. I'm going to be the most powerful weapon ever, just like Miranda wanted, that'll make me a good son!"

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