I'm announcing

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Hello my fellow sparks readers. I hate to be that person, but I realise that not everyone who read this book follows me, so I'll just be that person, because I long for some love and support.

I posted a sparks au under the name the hallway. It's with the same characters, but a very different storyline. It also doesn't follow grey's, because I can't bring myself to do that for multiple reasons. I'm just using some characters and plotlines of grey's. But generally it'll be concentrated on different aspects. I just felt the need to write a dramatic love story, with the cheesiness of a romcom. 

The book already has three posted chapters and I am already working on what's coming next. I am hoping that I'll see you there. Sorry for being annoying, but I am allowed to be once in a while, right? lol Love you all <3 

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Here's a gif of the queen, may she bless your day!

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