morning (smut)

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(this is smut so if you are uncomfortable with it please skip, ty for reading)

A dull ache throbbed between your hips, keeping you uncomfortable and awake. Astronomy notes were laid out in front of you, words blurring on the page as your growing need stole your focus.

Finally, the book slammed shut and the halls echoed with your soft footsteps, your will crumbling like the old stone walls. The painting outside of the hufflepuff dormitories welcomed you inside as you stepped through the doorway, having the password memorized after so many visits to your boyfriend.

You searched the common room for him, no sight of chestnut waves and fair skin. A sigh left your lips, almost regretting coming to bother him. You didn't think he'd be asleep this early, but it was unlikely you'd be taken care of if you woke him up. Cedric was generous, but even he valued his sleep.

Quietly, his door creaked open as you slowly slipped inside, being extra cautious while you determined if he was awake.

"I'm getting ready for bed, baby," he murmured, stepping out from the attached prefect's bathroom.

"Really need your cock," you whined softly, hoping to win him over.

His eyebrows shot up, a small smirk pulling at his lips. It was rare for you to be so vulgar, indicating how submissive and needy you were feeling. The second he heard your voice, he intended to satisfy you, though not without teasing you first.

"Do you, now? Poor thing," he teased, a slight glimmer of amusement in his expression.

"Cedric, please. I'll do anything. I'll be quiet and good and you can sleep, I just want to be full," your begs were pathetic, so insistent that even he was impressed.

"Such a needy thing," Cedric's voice was soft, his breath on your cheek as he spoke against your skin.

You were practically trembling with need, desire sending earthquakes through your body. He reached down the front of your leggings, cupping your pussy to find you soaked, slick and throbbing as his fingertips brushed your hole.

"Fuck, take it off," he commanded, unable to resist you as he brought his fingers to his lips, tasting the arousal that glistened on his skin.

Clothes fell on the floor as you obeyed without a second thought, stripping naked before following Cedric to bed. He hushed your anxious whines as he slowly tugged his cock, making it harden before he let you mount him. You squirmed beside him, fighting the desire to touch yourself, knowing you wouldn't get anything you want by doing so.

"Come here, then," he hummed once he was satisfied, pulling your thigh over his hip.

The head of his cock rubbed through your folds until he was grinding against your lips, spreading your arousal all over himself, and torturing you in the process. Your teeth gently nipped at his shoulder as you attempted to grind on his cock before his hand gripped your hip, keeping it still. The friction dragging on your clit had your eyes rolling back in your head, a filthy moan reverberating through your throat.

"Be good," he chastised.

Slowly, he sank into your cunt, stretching your delicate walls around him. The stretch ached deliciously, your pussy struggling to accommodate his impressive girth. A deep cry of relief escaped your lips, the sound making Cedric rut up into you.

"You were meant to cockwarm me. If you moan like that, I'll tear you up," he threatened half heartedly, murmuring the words into your hairline.

"Sorry," you whispered meekly, your cunt spasming as his tip brushed your g-spot.

Peace settled over the two of you as your muscles relaxed, allowing him to sit comfortably inside of you, warm and intimate as drowsiness hung heavy.

"Go to sleep," Cedric whispered, holding you still when you attempted to shift your weight.

You obeyed, letting him do as he wished with you, despite the ache in your belly. You had promised to be content just with him cockwarming you, but the longer you laid with him settled in your pussy, the more you wished to be fucked.

Cedric smiled softly into your hair, his own eyelids heavy from exhaustion. He tried to ignore your tits pressed against his bare chest and the way your pussy dripped onto his thighs, your hard and swollen clit brushing the base of his cock.

"No!" You gasped as he carefully pushed you off, slipping out of you.

"Hush, I'm just moving you," he scolded, swatting your bottom for talking back.

Cedric adjusted you onto your side, your back pressed to his chest as he filled you up again, this time without all of the distraction of your need.

His arm tightened around your waist, the hufflepuff drifting off to sleep behind you, satisfied with your warmth hugging him.


The morning sun cast beams of soft light through the curtains, making the two of you seem to glow. Cedric laid on his back, body stretched out - and still hard - reminding you of a renaissance sculpture.

You were starved for sex, your throbbing and soaked cunt reminding you that he didn't make you come the night before, yet kept you aroused until the sunrise.

You knew his favorite way to be woken up, a nearly daily occurrence during the summer you spent together, and it seemed like the perfect time to remind him.

You lined yourself up once again with his cock, lowering yourself onto him until he was fully sheathed inside of you. Cedric barely stirred, and you took a moment before beginning to ride him, your hands on his defined abdomen as your hips rolled forward.

Cedric slowly woke, brown irises with flecks of gold dancing in them opened to see a vision of his goddess riding his cock, tits bouncing in the soft light and ethereal moans tumbling from your lips.

Hands smoothed up your thighs, kneading the globes of your ass before traveling farther up to your waist, and then to your chest, toying with your sensitive nipples.

"Cedric!" You gasped as he pulled your hands, causing you to fall forward onto him, allowing the boy to wrap his lips around your tit, his heady gaze leaving you pulsing around him.

You reached forward to grip the headboard, your other hand combing through his hair as his tongue lapped at your skin, sending shocks straight to your clit. His hips rose to meet you halfway, thrusting deeper into you as you rocked on him.

You trembled as the knot snapped in your stomach, his name tumbling from your lips as you came. He held you down, his moans muffled against your skin as his own orgasm left him twitching and throbbing inside of you, pulled into ecstasy by your own pleasure.

You caught your breath, your forehead resting against his. Cedric rubbed your back, listening to the soft sounds of the morning, completely relaxed. The two of you were caught in a dream state, your fingertips tracing sonnets along his skin.

"Do you love me?" You asked, your lips smiling against the underside of his jaw.

"I love you the absolute most," he promised, holding your face and kissing you properly.

"I wish to be woken like that every morning," Cedric laughed, his fingertips tracing the dips at the base of your spine.

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