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"This is all your fault!"

"My fault? I didn't force you to come along." 

"If you had run like I told you to we wouldn't be here!" I paced back and forth in the cold cell. This was not how this was suppose to go, at all. I could have been curled up in my bed right now instead of being here in this stupid cell at the police station.

"Stop pacing would you!" I stopped and turned to the face the person who got us here in the first place. "It was just some graffiti."

"I wouldn't be pacing if you hadn't put us here in the first place. And last I checked graffiti can get us put in jail!" I hissed. I continued on pacing in the cell while he sat there not even caring. I could feel those bright green eyes following me as I walked and I forced myself to not look at him.

I was pissed at him. Pissed that I let him convince me to come out with him tonight. Pissed that I was stuck in here for who knew how long. Pissed that those green eyes always seemed to get to me.

A sudden thought appeared in my head making me freeze in my tracks. My eyes went wide as I turned around.

"Oh god! My parents are going to kill me! I won't get into any colleges." I was starting to ramble but I couldn't stop it. "I am going to die before I can even go to college, if I even can. I have a record now!" My hands grabbed my hair and pulled on it.


"I am a criminal. I will be lucky if I can even get a job at McDonalds and that is if I get out of here. I am going to be someones bitch or sex toy or something. I can't survive prison!" I could feel myself starting to shake. I didn't notice as Luke stood up and came towards me until I felt him grab my shoulders. The idea of being being prison sent a chill down my spine.

"Katie, deep breathes." He chanted softly. I slowly took a deep breath, trying to calm down a bit. "There you go." His soft voice was doing its trick, my breathing was coming back down.

I looked up and met his bright green eyes. Green eyes that I have come to be familiar with over the last few months.

"You will not be someones bitch in prison." I watched as he fought a grin. "We will get out of here soon and your parents won't even know."

"But I have a record now." My voice was low.

"They won't put it on your record Katie. The worst they will do is make us clean it up." This was clearly not his first rodeo. "I will make sure of it."


"Katie, do you trust me?" As I looked up into his eyes an unknown feeling swept through me. For some reason unknown to me I found myself nodding.

"I do."


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