3) Getting To Know U

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"You are the definition of pretty. I'm yours. I love you Jehari."

I looked up at Romeo who had tears in his brown eyes. He bit his bottom lip, trying to hold them back.

"I don't deserve you."

"Then why God bring you to me? Explain that Jeh. (Gee)"

I shrugged my shoulders and looked down at my bloody wrist. The word 'PRETTY' was freshly cut into my arm.

"Because we meant to be together." He whispered.

I woke up out of my dream as my alarm went off. Getting up, I walked into my bathroom. I brushed my teeth and washed my face before hopping into the hot shower.

As I showered, I thought about him. I never got to thank him for what he had done, and it happened two weeks ago. And ever since that night, he's been in my dreams.

I washed my body with vanilla scented body wash and got out. I dried off and went into my closet.

I picked red skinny jeans, a white crop top, and white Converse. Once I was dressed, I sprayed on some Juicy Couture and put on a silver Rolex.

Leaving my hair curly, I sprayed some water in it and grabbed my red studded Kate Spade backpack.

I went to the kitchen to get a bottle of water and then I headed out. Today, I was going to run errands and see my mom.

I turned on my music and let the voice of Lyfe Jennings flow throughout my car as I headed to pay my bills.

As I pulled up to the light company, my phone started ringing.


"Girl, where you at?" JoJo's voice asked.

"Running errands.Why?"

"Wanna hang out at the mall?"

"Sorry Jo. I can't." I sighed.

"It's cool boo. Neither of us have to work tonight. Wanna hit the club?"

"Yeah we can."

"Aight boo. Imma hit Kelly up with the plans and we can get ready at your house."


I hung up my phone and continued on with my day.

"Lil Romeo, where you at?!" Romello's voice echoed throughout my house.

I walked into the living room from the kitchen as he flopped down on my couch next to Ty.

"Do y'all ever go home?"

"Nope. We goin out tonight doe." Ty said.


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