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Yn pov

I was still mad. Javon and Jayla wanted a talk with me later. I wonder why?
Just kidding, it's obviously about the fight.
She still deserved it and her little boyfriend too. I'm gonna avoid him for the rest of my life, at least I try to..

"YOU WERE GREAT!! IM PROUD OF YOU!!" Javon started.
"Aww, thank you guys."

Then Jaden walked into the room, he was staring at me. This boy need to go to the doctor, he has a huge staring problem.

"Having a staring problem again, don't ya?" I said, he blocked a few times then looked everywhere then me.

"Do yall want something from Starbucks? Mom is going with Dealo." Jaden asked.
"Sure, you know what I like right?" Jayla asked.
"Yeah, what about you, Javon?" He asked.
"The same as always." He answered.
"...Yn?" Jaden then asked me, I wasn't expecting this..
"Yeah, I'd like (whatever you want)."
"Okay, I'm gonna tell mom then."
"Bye" Javon and Jayla said.

I don't want to be disrespectful cause he was 'nice' to me.

"Bye" I then said after them.
"Bye.." Jaden answered to all of us, again staring at me.

He then walked out of the room.

"He really has a staring problem for you." Javon said laughing.
"I know right!" I laughed.
"He still likes you.." Jayla said breaking our laughers.
"What..?" Javon asked kinda confused.
"Well, shouldn't have made a bet about me."

We talked for a bit more.
Soon Jaden came in again with our drinks ( or the thing you wanted).

"We should go live!!" Jayla screamed.
"we totally do!!" I also screamed.
"Do yall mind if I join?" Jaden asked pretty quietly.

Javon and Jayla looked at me..

"I don't care." I simply just answered.
"Come on them." Javon said.

He sat next to me.

"What's up ya'll?!" Javon started.
"Sup" Jayla said.
"Heyy" I said.
"Hi" Jaden said.

"Why does Yn have a red spot on her hand, oh, she had a fight." Jayla answered.
"AND SHE WON!!" Javon added.
"Against who, this Amilia girl." Javon answered.
"Did it fell good?" Javon read out, looking at me.
"Hell yeah!" I said.
They started laughing, except Jaden.
"Why's Jaden this quite? Yeah, why are you so quite?" Jayla asked.
"I don't know what to say, plus I can't see anything. Remember, I'm blind."

I chuckled a bit. Made him to turn to me.
I looked at him. We hold Eye contact.
God I missed these eyes.

"Yeah, me and Yn are besties!"jayla said.
I looked back to the chat.
"She's also mine!!" Javon said.
"Is she Jadens bestie too? Is she?" Javon looked at me and Jaden.
"We're friends." I said cause I didn't want to take our situation into public.
"Yep." Jaden said.

I saw he was smiling after I said this.

Jaden pov

I missed Yn, I always have.
I brought them their things from Starbucks, and asked if I could join their live.
I admit, I do stare at Yn a lot, I notice it.

But who wouldn't?

She's literally perfect.




Don't forget..


As the question came if she's my bestie too.. I thought she would tell everyone our situation. To my surprise..

"We're friends" she said.
"Yep." I said.

At this point I needed to smile.
I hope she didn't notice it.
It'll probably work out awkward.

But I love her...
I always did..
And always will..




How many parts do y'all want?

(Probably not more then 50, maybe, just maybe I could do more)

it's still a lot to write so it'll be interesting tho, well I hope it will.

Also IF I'll end this book,

Should I write another one?

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