Dancing in the Rain

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I want to dance in the rain

With your arms tight around me

Let loose the umbrella

Feel the drops on my face

My eyes slowly close

As your lips meet mine

We kiss in the storm

And create our own peace

I want to stand on tip toe

Raise my face to yours

Press my breast to your chest

Clasp my hands around

Your neck, draw you down

Lower your height to mine

As you envelop me in warmth

In caring and love

I want to feel your body

Pressed against mine

Your hands on my hips

Pulling me closer... closer still

As the storm rages on

And the wind whips around

I want to stand in your circle

Protected ever more

I want to dance in the rain

Through the storms of life

You strong at my side

In bad times... and in good

Our love always covering

The only umbrella we need

As we dance through this life

In the rain falling down

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