Amzy's pov

I was sitting in my bed wearing the red bridal dress and make up artist is doing my make up ! I was so nervous about all this marriage thingy but i have to do this ! I can't back out now ! Its too late to be good ! Some tears left my water line when make up artist spoke up "hey don't cry everthing going to be perfect ! " . i smile and she started to fix my make up !

My make up was done i stood in front of my mirror ! Mona and make up artist set my dupata and i looked at my reflection ! My eyes widened and jaw dropped open because i look exactly like the girl shehry painted on his room's wall !

He always loved me ! Since the day we met and i always thought its only accidents but he loved me and what i'm doing with him? I'm marrying someone else so he'll be happy ? Gosh amzy what have you done ? But wait i'm doing this only for their relation ship ! And for their brothers love !

I confidently look at me reflection and smile ! How all this happening idk ? I broke from my thoughts when mona speak up "amzy you looks so beautifully babes ! Aj tou koi behosh hone wala hai " i smile weakly and she help me to come out from my room !

I saw sain and shehry standing in the lounge ! As like always shehry's eyes were red and puffy . my heart just broke in two pieces after watching him like this ! But they both were looking so hot! Shehry was wearing black tuxedo and sain was wearing blue armani ! I smile and walk towards them !

I heard the main door open and its asim ! He was wearing a brown veintage coat and pant ! His eyes widened and he said "you look wow amzy ! " i smile and finally shehry look at me ! His expression change in to a shocked one from broken ! I know what is he thinking right now! I raised my eye brows but he looked away from me !

"Guys lets take a selfie " asim said snd everyone started to set their selfs ! I stood with shehry and asim stood against me ! I smile weakly and he took the selfie and then cherry on the top sain spoke "amzy maza nahi araha selfie main tm shehry k should pe elbow rkho ! " i nodded and put my elbow on his shoulder ! And i again feel those sparks that i always feel in his touch ! I smile widely and then we were done with the selfies !

Mona helped me to get to the car ! Asim was on driving seat ,sain sat with asim on the passenger seat ! Mona then me and shehry we sat together at the back ! Shehry was quiet whole the way towards the hall !

We reached at hall ! Me ,shehry and mona came out from the car and asim and sain went to park the car ! Mona had a call so she left ! And now its only me and shehry ! Covered with a thick silence!

I broke the silence and asked "main kaise lag rahi hun shehry ? " . he looked at me and his expression changed he smile weakly and said "tmse itni nafrat aut bura salook kiya k mjhe khud se nafrat hogayi aur tm abhi bhi mera jawab chahti ho ? Tm sb kaise kr sakti ho ? " my heart broke in many piece but i contain my self in and reply him "haan kyun k jo rishta humara hai wo kbbi badal nahi sakta ! " .

He shook his head and smile "tm kbhi nahi bdal sakti " he said and i fire back at him "haan kbhi bdlna chahti bhi nahi " i smile widely ! He took a deep sigh and open his arms ! I took a steo close to him and he embarce me in a hug ! I placed my head on his chest ! And he again spoke up "amzy magr is shadi k liye tmhen kbhi mauf nai kr sakta main ! Sorry " .

My heart was about to explode and then he broke the hug and was about to go away ! But i hold his wrist and said "main chahti hun tm mjhe stage tk leke chalo ! " . his face again become teary and broken ! I wrapped my hand around his arm and a tear left his eyes but he quickly clean it !

I walked with him towards the gate of the hall! Mona came and stand on my other side! We three were about to walk in but mona let sain stand on my other side ! I hold his arm too ! He looked at me and i smiled weakly !

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