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I'm derek hale

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"Wake up little angel" said jenna.

"Where am i? How - how did i get here?" I asked jenna .

How can i be here? I was in beacon hills eastern point.
Who brought me? And Damon's ring?
It's here with me. It's not possible. I was looking for it in the woods.

"What are are you thinking about? You are in your bed. Em did you have any nightmare? "Asked jenna while holding my hand.
No. I was looking for Damon 's ring last night in the woods. And i uhh i don't remember coming back. '' i panicked

"Em you have Damon's ring in your finger. It was just a nightmare. Don't stress yourself. Now get ready, scott and stiltes will be here soon" said jenna.

"Why are they coming? What does they want with me?" I asked jenna.

"Em don't be rude. They will help you to get adjust in this town.
"Your breakfast is ready. I'm heading to hospital. Just take care of yourself. " said jenna

"Okay. Have a nice day. " i replied to jenna.

I'm sure it wasn't a dream. I was not in my room. I was out in the woods looking for ring. How did i even get back here and who found the ring?

I went to bathroom and took a shower. After that i decided to wear my white dress and get ready before scott and stiles arrive. I was ready and then i had my breakfast.
Those guys are late for sure. I went to my room and took my diary to write about the experience i had last night.

Ting tong the door bell ring..

Great timing guys. I was suppose to write.
I open the door and welcomed them.
I was still mad at scott for yelling at me the other day. But i tried to behave casually.

"Hi. Well you look beautiful emily. " said stiles .while giving me a smile.

"Thanks stiles" i replied.

"Hi em. I know you are still pissed at me for yelling at you. But i don't want you to get hurt.
It's for your own safety. You have no idea what could have happen to you in those woods" said scott.

I can clearly see the concern in his eyes for me..
But i don't want him to worry about me. I can take care of myself.

"Scott you don't have to worry about me. I'm not afraid of little woods. I'm not a kid." I said to scott .

He can probably feel my anger.

"Emily that ring of yours doesn't match with your dress" said stiles while looking at Damon's ring.

"It's a family thing. It belonged to my brother but now i have it" i said while remembering the moment when damon gave me his ring.

"I'm sorry for your loss em. Is there anything i can do, so you can forgive me for my mistake." Said scott while coming towards me.

"First of all scott, my name is emily. You can't call me em. And second thing, I'm not a kid. I can go wherever i want to go. You can't stop me. And third don't you dare to yell at me again." I replied to scott.

"Okay. But promise me you won't go in the woods again. It's dangerous out there" said scott.

"I can't make any promises to you scott." I replied to him rudely.

"Guys please can we go now. Water under the bridge." Said stiles while grabbing scott's arm.

"Okay stiles. Let me just grab my handbag. I'll be right back" i replied to stiles and went straight to my room.

"Dude what the hell is wrong with you? You can't yell at her like that" said stiles

"I have to protect her. That's all i know" scott replied.

"Yeah but you yelling at her will not protect her. It will just made her more mad" said stiles.

"Let's go. " i said to them.

I was on the front seat with stiles. I didn't even care where we were going.
I was busy with my own imagination. All i was thinking about last night. I clearly remember not coming home last night. Then who brought me home? And who found damon's ring?

"Here we are." Said stiles while making funny faces.

"Here! It's an animal clinic. What are we doing here?" I said to stiles.

"I work here emily. My boss wanted to see me. It will just take couple of minutes. " said scott.

"Okay. I'll wait here" i replied.

Both of them went inside and I was outside.
May be i was way too rude with scott. He seems to be a nice person. But why he wants to protect me? I'm not sure what he's hiding from me.

Wait it's that black camaro from the other day.. It's darek's car. May be he is around somewhere.
Why i want to see you darek?
I was standing next to his car. Still wondering if i can see him again.

"You like the car?" I voice came from behind me.

It was darek hale. It's not a dream. Derek is standing right in front of me.

"Umm yes." I replied to darek without making any eye contact with him

My heart was pounding like crazy. Why am i even nervous? Calm down emily.
I looked into his eyes.

Your eyes are beautiful.

"Thanks for the compliment." Derek smirked.

"What? Did i said it loud?" I asked darek

"Yes" derek replied while giving me a smile.

Derek is so attractive. How is he doing this?

"Hi. I'm derek hale" said darek

"I know. I'm emily gilbert. It's nice to meet you darek." I replied to derek shyly.

" Derek get away from her. She doesn't know anything." Scott yelled at darek


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