McKenna's POV - Chap. 29 Continued

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"He's a well-rounded kid with a good head on his shoulders," dad defended. "And he seems to know what he's doing guardian-wise."

If they only knew.

"How do you figure?" mom pressed. "He doesn't know what he wants to major in. He doesn't have a plan for his future. And it sounds to me like he doesn't really push Lee to plan for his either. They're just a couple of teenage guys living life. And I'm worried that this little North Carolina trip is going to be exactly that. Just a group of teenagers living life."

"And what's so wrong with that?" I pressed.

My mom just stared at me.

"I mean does every minute of every day have to be planned out and executed?" I continued. "Can't you live life with a little bit of freedom? Have a little bit of fun?"

"Of course," mom agreed. "But with proper guidance."

"I do agree with your mother," dad stated. "Of course we want you to have fun and live life to the fullest. But you can't underestimate proper guidance."

"And Parker isn't that?"

"I didn't say that," dad defended. "We've barely spent any time getting to know the boy. Just give us some more time, okay?"

My mom looked over her shoulder. "I wonder what's taking them so long in the bathroom?"

I resisted the urge to roll my eyes.

My parents can be the most oblivious people on the face of the planet.

"Here are those refills," Christa said, coming back with Lee and Parker's drinks. "And your food should be out in just a few minutes."

"Thank you," mom said, with a gracious smile.

"Is Lee alright?" Christa inquired.

If I had a shut up button, I'd be pressing it.

"I'm sure," mom said, tilting her head to the side. "He just ran to the bathroom to grab some paper towels."

Christa tilted her head to the side. "We don't have paper-" And then she made eye contact with me.

I must've been sending my shut up vibes through my eyeballs.

"Right," she agreed, with a slow nod. "I'll have your food out shortly." And then she left.

"Strange," mom commented.

And then my phone buzzed on the table next to me.

"I told you to turn that thing off," my mom chastised. "It's rude to text at dinner."

I slipped my phone under the table.

A text from Lee.

Come outside.

I looked up to see Parker returning to the table, shooting me a glance.

"I'll be right back," I said to my parents.

My mom nodded with a smile.

I was slightly worried that I was leaving my parents alone with Parker, but I was more worried about Lee.

So I left them to their own devices, leaving the restaurant.

Lee was sitting a bit down the sidewalk, his back resting against a column.

"Hey," I said, taking a seat next to him.

He was staring off towards the parking lot, but he looked over towards me as I sat down next to him.

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