Julie POV

The music was relaxing me. Just not having to talk was fantastic, and the silence was gone between us.

"You got any Bruno Mars?" I was feeling more comfortable by the minute.

Peter reached to his phone in the holder on the dash. He hit a few buttons and "Uptown Funk" started after "Fancy". I got into the groove. Dancing was infectious. I got into my shoulder movements with the funk in the song. "I really think Bruno was born in the wrong decade, or had a previous life in the 70s."

Peter chuckled. "I'd say he was the reincarnation of Michael Jackson, except that he died way after Bruno Mars was born."

"He could have been Elvis?"

"No. He doesn't really have an Elvis feel to him. He's more like Michael, hands down."

"Now Adam Lambert. He could be Elvis reborn. Or Freddie Mercury."

He looked at me with a funny smile. "I like this. Talking about other things than work."

"Me too." The tension melted from my shoulders. Music was melting the wall between us. I had the sudden urge of courage. I needed to break the ice. "Peter?"


"I want us to be friends."

"Oh no. It's the 'Let's Be Just Friends' speech."

"No, I didn't mean it that way."

"How did you mean it?"

I wavered. I didn't want this to go bad. "I want us to be how we were."

That's when he looked over at me. "And that would be?"

"How we were relaxed with each other."

"You mean, sleeping with your boss would be awkward?"

"Well, yes. It would."

He looked forward back at the road. "So, you just want to be friends, because sleeping and having a relationship with me would make it awkward."

"Well, yes."

"So, you have no feelings for me."

"Well, I don't know if I can say that." He looked at me, and I looked down. I couldn't look right at him. I think I was going to lose my nerve if I did. "I do think I feel something. I'm just not sure what that is yet. And there is everything about my past. My baggage."

"Julie, everyone has baggage."

"I know. I just don't want to..." I looked at him. "Lose anyone again. The fear is so mind numbing. I don't know if I can go through that again."

"I understand. I'm sorry I've been distant. I was just hoping you'd change your mind."

I paused my answer from the hurt in his voice. I didn't expect that. "I might with some time. Maybe that's what I need. Just more time. Until then, let's be friends, ok?"

I reached to his hand resting on the gearshift. He grabbed it back.

Peter's POV

I reached for her hand. It seemed to be a peace offering. It was sole consult to my feelings. I really wanted her more than ever.

"Okay. Friends then." I knew that I was doubting how long that would last. I was going to try everything to give her time to get beyond friendship. I wanted her now more than ever.

**End of Part 15***

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