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 Chapter 15

Julie's POV

We sat in the car with an awkward silence. Establishing my boundaries had backfired. Now, we only talked about work. There was no gossip or laughter. What had I done? Mark was right. Now, I wouldn't get any chance with him. Wait. Did I want a chance?

I looked over to his sexy-self driving the car silently. The classical music filled the car with a stark gloom. Really. I didn't usually like it most of the time, unless I was riding with my parents. I had no choice then. Maybe he was slowly torturing me for saying I needed space. Did I still? Did I want Peter?


Peter's POV

I kept looking sideways at her. She glanced out the window watching the world go by. The highway was endless, stretching before me surrounded by fields of corn. Fields with nothing else to see. But her. The classical music was calming my nerves. I was doing everything I could to not look down at her legs under the black pencil skirt.

She turned to look at me. She wet her lips, like she was going to say something. Then, turned back to the window. I sighed. I didn't know how to break the ice. So, I said the first thing that came to mind.

"Does it snow much in California?"

She turned back to me. Her eyes looked earnest. "Yeh. A little up in the mountains. But you have to drive to them. Sometimes for hours."

"I don't think I'd miss snow. California sounds like a nice place."

"It was."

Then the conversation stopped. Nothing. This was going to be a long trip unless I did something. "You like classical?"

"Not really. It reminds me of driving with my parents." 

Oh shit. Better play something else. That's the last thing I want to remind her of. "Hip hop?"

"Yeh. That would be better."

I hit the menu on my phone and brought up Iggy Azalea. The first beats of her hit started. Julie starts to move to the rhythm, not full out dancing. There was no wine to help her with that. But she was moving. It was a start.

"Have you seen this video?"

"The one for 'Fancy'? Yes." She started doing some movements from the video. "I love the way they are dressed like the characters from the movie 'Clueless'. I even went and watched the movie again on Netflix to see how close they were with it. They must have remade the costumes."

She started doing some head juts with her chin. The mood in my car started to relax. Music was better than wine.

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