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So, hello, my lovelies. Yes, this is a poem. Wow, how long's it been since I wrote one of those? :L. Anywho, yes, this poem will tell you a lot about me that I am scared to tell people I know in real life that I'm not close with. But, yes, I got some inspiration and was like 'must write,' and so I did.

The title is a bit of a play on words. It's like 'braking,' as in, like, a car stopping, or 'breaking,' like breaking down and giving in. It's that and not either or because I felt that I was doing both, and, so, yeah, I think that makes sense, but if it doesn't then that doesn't matter, because most of you probably won't even read this far, and so I'm just basically babbling to myself.

Anyways, enjoy, or whatever, and let me know what you thought if you like. Thanks, Josie, X.



It crumbles and falls,

Though it fights to stand tall.

Not an echo of hope,

Nor a glimmer of light,

'Cause this is something you know you can't fight.

And when it's shrapnel and rubble,

It feels like less of a struggle.

Because giving in is what helps,

What makes you feel strong,

Because being a cowards helps you go on.

And then as you attempt to rebuild and repair,

You desperately try not to care,

But everything hurts -

Cuts deep,

And again you begin to feel weak.

And you hope they'll help in the end,

But you soon learn that your only friend

Is the blade that cuts deep.

Because you're on your own,

And you're better off left alone.

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