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Yn pov:

It was lunch, I sat next to Javon and Jayla.
Jaden sat next to Amilia.
She was crying the whole time while glaring at me.

„Jaden stares at to the whole time.." Jayla whispered into my ear.
„I don't care, really." I answered.
„... but like love stares.." she added.

I looked at her, then I looked over at Jaden.
I catches him staring at me, I think he just noticed that I was looking at him after a while, cause I saw him really 'love staring' at me.

I do miss him, I really want him back...
I only want to lay next to him again,

Im still really mad at Amilia, I found out she told Jaden I was dating Javon, Marc and even Tyler... at the same time, basically she made me look like a whore.

And k was friends with her since I was 9 then she modes schools... now she changed.

„It'll get better, don't worry." Javon tried to get the mood up.
„I mean you can pretend your hitting Amilia." he added.
„Yeah.. about that" I started.
„Yn... you didn't.." Jayla joined.
„Maybe?" I said.
„WAIT!? You already hit her?" Javon asked shocked and confused.
„DID YOU WON??" he asked excited.
„JAVON!!" Jayla warned him.
„What?! I need to know!"
„Well you can just look over and see who won." I answered Javons question.

He did, he looked over at Jaden and Amilia and saw her crying. This crazy Emma girl trying to calm her down. Jaden just looked annoyed.

„I'm proud of you" Javon said while putting his hand on his chest.
„Me too, but still... promise me you'll never do this again.." Jayla said.
„No promises." I said smiling.

Lunchtime ended

Next period, means Jaden...
he's sitting next to me, plus we probably need to do a project together, cause our teacher was talking about this shit. Like vacation so you can have some homework.

I was assuming Jaden won't talk to me........ to my surprise..

„Why'd you hit her..?" he asked directly.
„Why'd you wanna know?" I answered dry.
„What's wrong with you?!"
„Trust me, I Heard this not for the first time today, plus what's wrong with your 'girlfriend'? "

He just stayed silent.

„Now you wanna stay silent or what?" I asked.

He was silent.

"Fuck you.." I whispered under my breath.

He just looked at me.

Jaden pov:

I do miss Yn..
I heard about her hitting Amilia, she was annoying me ofc but still, I'm stuck with her.
She told me about Yn, her saying Javon, Marc and even Tyler, what a slut.
I never expected this from her.

I decided to ask her about her hitting Amilia.. I wanted to ask nicely, but it didn't work out.

"Why'd you hit her..?"
"Why'd you wanna know?" She answered dryly.
"What's wrong with you?!" I was getting pissed.
"Trust me, I Heard this not for the fort time today, plus what's wrong with your 'girlfriend'? "

I just stayed silent.

Now you wanna stay silent or what?" She asked.

I was silent.

She whispered something under my breath.

I just looked at her.

Because I heard what she said.

Yn pov:

End of school, that's when I'm gonna beat her ass.
I mean it's just like half  'n hour.

——- timeskip, end of school———-

I saw her,
People weee around her.I didn't care about her, so whatever.

I walked over and just slapped her.

"WHAT THE FUCK!?" She screamed.

Jaden was next to her, he on the other side haven't said anything to defend her.


"Nothing" I smilies.
"You really think you can get over it don't ya?"
"Over what?!" She asked confused

I hit her, pretty softly, she fell tho.


People stared to go around us.

She stood up and saw people recording, I guess she wanted to seem cool or something?
So she tried to punch me.

People where laughing.
I noticed that Jayla and Javon we're all standing there.
So did Jaden ..

Soon after some more slaps and punches, she was bleeding, and out of breath lying, with dried tears on her cheeks.

"Just have you what you deserved. Just remember, your Name is Amilia and not Yn. So the shit you've been talking about me, is about you."
"How'd you-"
"You told me yourself."

Soon she ended up at the hospital.

Jaden could jump in between and break us apart for many times, he didn't, for some reason.



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