Go Dok Mi

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^_^How timid and frail is unrequited love?

~A place you entered of your own accord, but you're trapped inside, unable to find an exit.

~He doesn't know a thing, and could one day leave my line of sight, and the love ends passively.

~A love that does not bloom flowers, and thus cannot dream of bearing fruit.

~A love like a seed that is forgotten. That is unrequited love.•••••••

^_^Her mouth is like a broken faucet in a mountain village.

~ When it's needed, not one drop comes out, and in the middle of a silent night it flows on its own.

~In that moment, all the words she couldn't speak come pouring out belatedly.

~She vows, Next time, I should answer like this, I should make this retort. ~That woman speaks the most impressive lines when she's alone.•••••

^_^People who think that they can just grab the hand of happiness when it's offered to them-how happy must they be?

~ That woman becomes nervous when she is too happy.

~ To that woman, happiness is like a child's game of blowing bubbles.

~The moment when she touches the bubbles that float her way carrying the light of the rainbow, they burst.

~In front of happiness, that woman always gives up, before the hand is even offered.•••••

^_^What is your truth? Answer honestly. ~Whenever someone asked her that, she kept her mouth shut.

~When unwrapped from its wrapping paper of lies, the truth is not a sweet candy or a chocolate that appears with a flourish.

~ In the way that skin is needed to protect blood and flesh, she needed lies to cover her truth.

~More than being honest and exposing her scars, that woman found it safer to lie with a brilliant smile.•••••

^_^When she goes out into the world, that woman often becomes invisible.

~When she gets pushed aside by shoulders, stepped on by feet, and stuck in between the lines, she feels like she's not visible to the world. So she hid in her room.

~The small room was soft and comfortable, like a nest to a bird that's injured its wing.

~In that space, that woman can breathe freely.

~She never once missed the outside world or dreamt of it.

At least until now...

At least until now...

At least until now...

At least until now...•••••

^_^That woman believes that fate is when the thread of her heart connects quietly with another's.

~She thinks that that invisible string is what allows people to feel and understand each other, even with the smallest vibration.

~That woman feels uneasy when one heart suddenly gets mixed together with lots of different ones.

~So, Fate, please-don't pull my heart so hard...•••••

^_^To that woman, a scar was like falling into deep water.

~The onlookers who don't know the depth of that scar just wonder why she can't swim out.

~There are so many people who belittle a stranger's scar.

~She didn't want to hear such empty words.

~At least one person... from one person...•••••

^_^To somebody, love is like medals or trophies, the result of a victory to boast of.

~To somebody, love is the process of waiting endlessly on for the other person, which turns into true feeling. ~To that woman, love is a secret she cannot allow to be exposed, not even to herself.•••••

^_^Sometimes people who believed they'd just be passing each other by remain afterward in the heart.

~It isn't until after the separation that the depth and weight of the encounter is truly understood.

~That woman believes that life is the repetition of that belated realization.•••••

^_^That woman's door did not open for a long time.

~Invitations began to pile on her doorstep, two, then three.

~A person who came close like a new breeze, a person who blocks a gale like a shelter from the wind.

~For the first time, that woman grows afraid of her own desire to open her door.•••••

^_^Because people aren't machines or toys built in factories, we're special and complicated.

~Our uses, the colors of our hearts, our scents, our pressure points or weaknesses that hurt even when something grazes it-everyone is different.

~One must look for a long while just to make out their outlines.

~That's why that woman doesn't believe in fateful loves.

~She didn't believe.•••••

^_^A sunflower that smiles up at the sun every day eventually turns into a little sun.

~A clamshell that's been playing all day with the ocean gets patterned with grooves in the shape of affectionate waves, little by little.

~ Things that are ardent grow together in likeness-that woman now understands this a little..•••••

^_^The wind and the waves tear down the sand castle.

~That man is able to love even the wind and the waves.

~He says that the castle hasn't been torn down, but that it has been permeated.

~That man knows how to be healed.••••••

^_^How many meanings are there in the words I'm sorry?

~ Sadness and scars. ~Misunderstanding and repentance. ~Regret and reconciliation. ~Innumerable feelings are mixed up within.

~That man believes that you can't express your heart with one short word.

~"Will you come to Spain with me?" What that man spoke was love.••••••

^_^I try following that man's way of laughing.

~ I try seeing the world through that man's eyes.

~I try thinking with that man's feelings.

~To that man, love is seeing with both people's eyes and feeling with both hearts, seeing the world more deeply.•••••

^_^Knock on a closed door.

~ Wrap your arms around a tired shoulder.

~Wipe away tears.

~Listen to the sound of each other's hearts.

~~~Love each other like that.•••••^•^

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