Chapter 21

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(Kian's POV)

We were driving for ages. I wonder when Francesca will speed up and tell us where to go, but for now I guess we should just carry on driving. "Gosh, it's been like 3 hours since I been told where to go!" I mumbled to myself. I slowed down and Peck and Sophie caught up with me. "Guys where's Francesca?" I asked. "I don't know. Do you think we lost her?" Peck replied. "Naa you don't say!" Sophie sarcastically said. "Oh my god, Kian. she's doing my head in. Please can we swap?" He asked. "Fine!" I replied. We got out and swapped. "Wait be quiet! Who the hell is that?" I asked. A man dressed in all black with a clown face mask on was standing, staring at us. "Get in the truck we need to get the hell out of here!" Peck said. We got in to our seats and zoomed of as fast as we can. "I don't know who that was, Sophie, but something's up for sure."

(Francesca's POV)

I set off in search for the others. I know they are still alive. I just know it! I drove back to where I started to realise that Alfie had gone, but nothing was there. I went on a bit further to find Alfie's tipped lorry on the ground. There were no zombies and no people. I parked up and walked into the forest were the small drops of blood were leading too. Hopefully it is Alfie's blood and not those horrible zombies.

(Kian's POV)

After a long time of speeding away from that strange, mysterious man. We found a herd of zombies. "Oh crap!" I screamed. I knew it was the end for us. There were too many of them this time. plus there are only three of us. "Peck! Reverse! Just go!" I screamed at peck. we both started to reverse. I looked in the mirror. The man with the mask was standing there without a fear of anything. I didn't know what to ... "Ah! there getting in! Help us!" I screamed.

(Leighanna's POV)

"Did you guys here something?" I asked.

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