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Yn pov:
As we arrived at the restaurant,
We got seated on our table.
Looks like Jaden had planed this.

It's cute, he was still thinking about me..
But I was just a bet. Why would he do this?

Im still waiting for his explanation, to get back, he needs a good one.

„So.." he started
„So.." I continued.

„You really need to believe me, everything I will tell you right now is the truth..."

„Let's see then."

„Amilia hasn't heard everything, just the beginning of the conversation,
Later k was telling him about how I truly love you and that I'm breaking the bet.
I realized it was a bad idea to make a bet..especially cause of you. He only made this bet because you are the finest girl from school.
So I decided I'll accept the bet because I'm not like him, who knows what he would do to you... I really care about you." He said some parts out of breath.

"Wow.." was everything that came out of my mouth.
"Do you believe me?"he asked.

"I-I need some time like 2 days, maybe more.. maybe less." I answered.

"Everything for you." He's really trying his best. But is it the truth?

Maybe Amilia really hasn't heard the whole conversation between them.
Maybe he's lying.
Maybe it's the truth.
I'm gonna think about it.
Before we go to Bora Bora I'm gonna give him my answer.

Next day at school

I met up with everyone again, I hugged everyone ,except Jaden?

I was about to hug him, but he just walked past me. Why?
What have I done,
for him to be mad at me?

It's literally his fault, I really was about to forgive him.
But he changes my mind really fast.

Maybe I can do something he won't expect from me?
But what?
After all I wanna be still better then him.

Means not being an ass.

I could 'date' his twin..
Is that a good idea?

As we have music, my whole mood fades.
I saw Jaden with Amilia...
Really close..

That broke my heart into many pieces.

Does he even know what he does to me.

One day he's being real sweet, the other just an ass..

And I fell for this guy..
And I trusted this girl..

Maybe she was lying about this, just to get Jaden..
But why did Jaden also lie then?

School ends

Javon noticed about me being mad and moody..

"Shorty, what wrong?" Javon said while giving me a side hug.

"Jaden is being a dick." I said directly.
"Ooh, spill."

"Amilia plus Jaden.. trusted both of them.. now just having drama and being heartbroken." I explained.

" he is being a dick." He agreed.
"Thank you!"

We both laugh.

"One question, you don't need to if you don't want to.." Javon started.

"Ooh you have a plan or idea?"
"Yep, so you could 'date' me and make Jaden jealous... it can go over the vacation too, like spending much time with me, ignoring him." He explains.

"I like you idea tho." I said.
"Wow, what a honor to hear it."
"Thanks sir."

We joked around.

We did as Javon said, we started 'dating'
We just flirted a lot and hugged in front of everyone, Jayla knew about this so she was part of the plan.

I fell sorry for Jaden,

But he kinda deserved..

But he's handsome..



I need to stop, I want to make it be okay between us.

As it was before.
Hopefully it'll work.

I'm gonna kill Amilia if it don't..

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