The Alpha's Daughter - Chapter 32 (Rollo's Chapter)

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I walked away from the house and into the trees, trying not to hit something. What the fuck was I supposed to do now? Dante hadn’t even considered that the stubborn wee mare wouldn’t want to leave! What an absolute and utter tw-

Finish that sentence and I’ll rip your throat out, Dante hissed coming out of the shadows. His eyes were cold, staring right through me. I wasn’t normally scared of anything, but he was one creepy bastard. Seriously; would it kill him to smile? Actually, scratch that; he’d probably just kill yours truly.

I folded my arms and rested against a nearby tree trunk. No doubt I was going to have to repeat everything Annie had just said to me.


Even the thought of her made my throat want to close up. Jesus, I hated her for it. Why did she have to go and get a fucking mate, hmm? I would’ve been more than happy for her to end up with me. Anyone but that prick Caleb. He just had one of those faces yeh just wanted tae deck!

“What happened?” Dante demanded, coming right up close into my face. My Granny’s Knickers, his breath was rank; hadn’t he heard of a breath mint? I wrinkled my nose. My eyes were starting to water.

I sighed.

“She’s pregnant,” I told him, “but she’s no’ comin’ with us.” His face hardened as he took it in. Jesus wept; he was goin’ tae hit me! I took a step back, remembering too late that I had been already standing against a tree. A sharp pain shot through my skull as it made contact with the bark.

This really wasn’t going to be my night.

“Why not?” he snarled.

I shrugged dejectedly

“She’s happy, Dante; she’s got her wee mate and her family. Can we not just…” I shuffled my feet awkwardly. “Leave her be?” Dante snorted and began to laugh; this maniacal cackle that scared the cheese out of me.

All around me, the rest of the pack came from the trees, all of them looking miserable. Don’t know how I ended up with these guys; they. Never. Smiled. I liked smiling. It was good for the soul. And it lured all those lovely lassies intae be-

Rollo! They all groaned. What? Did they begrudge me my wee anecdotes about my life? Hey; I was about t’get my face smashed in by the grumpy Alpha; they could suck it up and listen!

“Rollo,” Dante growled, “did you tell them that we were going to attack?”

“Yes,” I sighed. He scowled, looking around at everyone. Come on; we weren’t going to attack them. We’d lose! There were more of us, but there were three of them there protecting their mates; we didn’t stand a chance! And as soon as Cal got a whiff of fucking Flint, that was going to result in one hell of a fight.

They could have Flint back, I had decided; none of us wanted the cocky wee bugger in the pack. He just seemed to prance about like he owned the place.

That was my job.

“So why, pray tell, do you not have a small pregnant woman with you?” he demanded. Small pregnant woman? I knew exactly what Annie would think of that remark. It made me smirk slightly, earning me a smack around the head.

“Quit smilin’, Eejit,” Barry said slowly. Slow seemed to be the only word to describe Barry. I considered him, deciding whether to lash out at him for hitting me. Then I decided not to; being with Annie had had quite a sobering effect on me.

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