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Newyork, 2022

12:30 am


you stood infront of all three of your siblings as they glared holes into your head. "y/n you couldve died." tay said quietly and you frowned at her. "you guys get mad at me for everything, im not in school anymore, and im not a child anymore. i fight on my own now, i make my own money, i should be able to do what i want." you frowned at them and tyshawn sucked his teeth.

"y/n your the youngest of all of us, its our job to protect you. we jus dont wanna see you get hurt princess.." he said with a frown and you hugged him before giving him a kiss on the forehead. "ill be fine i promise okay? if im in danger you know ill call you. if now milenna will" you said reassuring and they all just smiled at you before you all went into a group hug.

"alright im drunk as hell, im goin to bed." you said as you began to walk inside the building. you went into the elevator, pressing the top floor button and then sighing as you sat down. damn that was crazy... it was fun tho. and i wanna know more about that connie guy.. hes intresting.

the elevator doors opened and you got up, walking into the house and going to your room. you took off your shoes and looked in the mirror, sitting down at your vanity as you pulled out the stuff to take off your makeup.

you propped your phone up as you pressed into your playlist, connecting it to your boombox. 'relax playlist' you clicked on it and the music began to play. reference of the music—

Mr floyd Larry- Uneasy

Liana flores- Rises the moon

In Love With a Ghost, Nori- Flowers

Rebecca Sugar- Love like you


you hummed to the lyrics of the song as you scrubbed off your makeup, fluffing out your afro alittle as you scratched your scalp. you put on chapstick as you walked into the bathroom to wash your face.

you walked out your bathroom, heading to your closet and pulled out a pair of the night before christmas pajama pants and a crop top. you slipped into them, taking off your bra as you didnt like to sleep with a bra on.

you went over to your shelf where you had all your books organized, looking through them and picking out one that you were in the process of reading. you then moved to your other shelf, grabbing your reading glasses and putting them on.

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