The Boys Are Back

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Ella crept through the facility, barefoot and visible. She had tried to use another spell of Elise's but it was no use, she was unable.

It had felt like hours that she searched for your parents, but no time had passed. The long hallways and bright lighting made it seem like a longer stride than it was. While walking she thought about her sister, the boys, and even you. But, she mostly thought about the goddess.

What did this mean? Why did she bring her back? Was there something that she missed? She couldn't figure it out and wished her mother and father were still around the give her some guidance.

While lost in her thoughts she almost missed the quick steps heading in her direction, she quickly threw herself into the ducked-off part of the wall. In her hand, she formed a sharp object made from ice. Another spell she learned from her lovely sister.

She took a deep breath and focused her mind on the number of steps she heard; she needed to assess how many she would have to take down.

"We should've gone left back there." said a voice in an annoyed tone

"Well we didn't so now we have to find something else." said another

"Can you both be quiet? I mean, fuck! Tell the whole world where we are!" Whisper yelled another

Elise made the sharp object disappear and chuckled softly before revealing herself, causing the three voice-holders to freeze.

"Aunt Ella?" Said one as they cocked their eyebrow

"Why is it always you three?" Ella chuckled,

"Because the others don't want to be paired with us. Which I understand, Jimin and Jungkook weren't my first choices."

"Hey! that's not nice, asshole!" Jimin said in a pout

"Not to mention Tae, I'm the whole reason we even got out of those stupid fucking cages. I should've left your sorry ass in there." Jungkook said in a snooty tone.

Ella rolled her eyes as the boys began to bicker back and forth before snapping her fingers, causing them all the stop.

"Where are the others?" She asked

"We all split up," Jimin answered

"Namjoon and Hoseok went together and Jin and Yoongi went together." Followed Tae

"So where are you all trying to go?" Ella wondered

"Well to Ara of course! So we can beg her forgiveness and ride off into the sunset together." Jungkook said as he held his hands over his heart and stared into the distance as if he were dreaming.

Taehyung and Jimin looked at him in disgust."

"I think I liked you better when you were evil," Taehyung grumbled

"Agreed," Jimin said softly

Both earned a growl from the younger.

"Well that's a problem," Ella intervened before another argument ensued, "Ara's body has been taken over by the first witch."

"What?!" The boys announced

Ella immediately shushed them, "Help me get her parents out of here, and then we'll figure the rest out. Where are your amulets?"

"Not sure; when we woke up they were gone," Jimin answered

"Fudge...Okay, let's find Ara's parents, and your amulets, and THEN figure the rest out." She said quickly before pushing through the small group and continuing their journey.


Yoongi and Jin barely spoke as they moved throughout the building, they mainly focused on their surroundings. To be sure that they weren't caught on the multiple cameras or the rotating security guards.

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